Yosemite Spring Photography Workshop – Moon-bows and Poppies

Yosemite Moon Bow Photography Workshop

Yosemite Spring Photography Workshop

Moon-bows and Poppies

March 28 – 30, 2018




>Lodging and transportation is not included<

Explore Yosemite Valley lodging options “HERE”

We suggest securing your lodging first. Stay on the Valley floor, near the workshops meeting points each day, not outside the valley where you will need to drive in 45min each day where this workshop meets.

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Have you always wanted to shoot Yosemite National Park when the waterfalls are flowing and spring is started to emerge from winter? Join two professional photographers who have been shooting Yosemite their whole lives to capture its essence during our Spring Photography Workshop.

This workshop includes 3 full days of shooting from early morning and well into the evening to capture sunrise, sunset, and the amazing moon-bows under the full moon.

Yosemite is beautiful anytime of the year, but March is a special time of year as the waterfalls are full and the meadows start to green up in the valley and the surrounding area. We will be shooting during the best time of the day, early morning and late afternoon, with special shooting times in the evening for the moon-bow during the full moon capturing Yosemite Falls at its best.

Several times per year the moon is bright enough and at the right angle to create a night rainbow, a “moon-bow”, in the mist created by Lower Yosemite Falls. We will be exploring many different angles and vantage points to catch this phenomenon and show you the best angles and settings to capture the perfect image of this phenomenon.

Yosemite Tunnel View

Our Spring Yosemite Photography workshop will bring you to the iconic views of Yosemite and some of our secret places that the tourists don’t know about. We will also be traveling outside the valley to an amazing area along the Merced River with profuse wildflower blooms of poppies and redbuds. We will be shooting mid-week so will have the benefit of less people than will be in the valley on the busy spring weekends.

Itinerary for Yosemite Spring Photography Workshop

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Meet for morning shoot:
We will meet for sunrise in the beautiful iconic meadow in Yosemite.
After sunrise, we will gather for breakfast and have an orientation which will include a general overview of the workshop before starting out on our adventure.

Yosemite Photography Workshop

What do you want to focus on for the workshop?  Do you want to focus on telling the story of the trip, do you want to shoot black and white, do you want to work with shadows or master HDR?  We will help you to decide where you want to go with your creativity on this workshop.

We will break late morning and rest up for the afternoon photo shoot. In the afternoon, we will meet once again and caravan to our sunset location.  We will meet afterward in the Mountain View Room at the Lodge at the Falls and discuss the day’s shooting and review and discuss images.

That evening we will head out again and shoot the iconic moon-bow on Yosemite Falls. We will discover many different shooting locations for this phenomenon.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

We will meet at early to catch the morning light. We will spend the morning working compositions with the some of Yosemite’s most beautiful waterfalls as a backdrop.

Afterwards we’ll caravan throughout the valley and closely explore various locations. We will be stopping frequently venturing out to various waterfalls and water locations throughout the morning. We will gather again to prepare for our sunset shoot.  Image review and discussion afterwards in the Yosemite Lodge Mountain Room.

That evening we will head out again and shoot the iconic moon-bow on Yosemite Falls. We will discover many different shooting locations for this phenomenon.___________

Friday, March 30, 2018

Flower Photography in YosemiteToday we will explore elements of macro photography and venture out in the surrounding areas of Yosemite for wildflowers in the Merced River Canyon.

We will break mid day and continue our discovery of Yosemite Valley in the late afternoon to sunset. The workshop ends at sunset on Friday evening.

Jansen Photo Expeditions is fully permitted and insured to conduct photography workshops within Yosemite National Park through the National Park Service. Be sure your workshop provider is permitted.