The Key to Successful Winter Photography in Iceland

There are so many reasons to photograph Iceland in Winter. The stark contrast between the volcanic black sand and the snow, the ice caves, the glaciers, and the aurora borealis to name just a few. You can only see these scenes in Iceland in winter. But the key to successful winter photography in Iceland starts with the basics.

Small photography groups exploring Iceland
There are incredible views at every turn. Otherworldly landscapes only  seen in Iceland, and every time we go, it’s a little bit different.

Iceland is spectacularly beautiful any time of year, but I find it especially compelling in the snow.

The scenery in Iceland can take your breath away, but it’s best to take a moment and drink in the view. If you are viewing the country from only behind the lens, you might miss some of the sights and sounds. Every time I do a photography workshop in Iceland, it is my intention to savor the experience, but also go home with a collection of prized photographs. I think I have been able to do both.

What is the key to successful winter photography in Iceland? 

Photographing Icy waterfalls in Iceland
Of course, you want to have the right camera equipment (and we provide our clients with an extensive gear list), but you also want to have the right clothes that will assure you are warm and comfortable the whole time. If you are cold or uncomfortable, you are not going to be able to get into the creative zone that will allow you to come home with the great images you traveled to Iceland for.

We took a trip to our local Columbia Outdoor Store and stocked up on a good down jacket, a waterproof rain layer, some long underwear, wool socks and a good pair of snow boots. We were comfortable and warm the whole two weeks in Iceland which allowed us to enjoy, be creative and experience the amazing country. We also provide an extensive list of clothing recommended for our clients.

We’d love to share this amazing winter photography adventure with you in Winter. We lead small group workshops of 6 -8 adventurous photographers to photograph beautiful Iceland and experience the incredible scenery and enjoy the Winter Photography in Iceland.

We give you just the right amount of encouragement and guidance to get the photographs you can be proud to bring home. Join us for our next Iceland photography workshop.

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