Mark Jansen

The next time you’re planning to go on a shooting trip or you’re heading out on a photography workshop with one great shot in mind, you might also attempt to create a visual story through a series of strong images.

Think about a themed project you would like to develop.

To accomplish this, it sometimes helps to find a strong title first.  This will give you a guided vision of sorts, something to work you through to your ultimate goal. Think about what you want to say with your visual story. This could be a series of animals interacting in a unique location. It could also be a geologic natural display of rocks or plant life.

An example would be this series of horses I captured last winter during one of our Iceland workshops. I noticed them playing in an open pasture behind one of the small cottages we visited.

I found their interaction quite playful as they seemed to almost mug for my attention. I followed them closely for a time, noticing a story developing before my eyes. I’ve never been much of an equine photographer, but Iceland’s small statured horses are amazingly photogenic and fun, with their beautiful windswept bleached manes.

Your images can be accomplished in a moment like this, or over a long weekend shooting a special subject you know well. 

Perhaps you will shoot the same subject over years showing changes in a unique landscape from all 4 seasons in the same location. As long as your images have a connected theme, then you have something.  Photo sessions with strong visual storytelling are great for building strong portfolios, in addition to establishing your style as a photographer.

If you would like to learn more about creating a strong portfolio of images or traveling with us on our photographic workshops to Iceland, explore our website for more information.

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All the best,
Mark Jansen