Ventura Landscape Photography

Ventura Pier photographed by Mark Jansen showing great light.

Ventura Landscape Photography Workshop
Ventura, California

Join Us for Our Digital SLR Camera Field Guided Workshop


PLEASE NOTE: This specially priced workshop is for new students only,
who have never attended a Jansen Photo Expeditions workshop in the past.

Saturday, April 21, 2018
3:00pm – 6:00pm

4 Spots only 

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Special First Timers Price: $129.00

Regular Price: $249.00

 (Detailed meeting location map and how to prepare for this workshop will be provided once payment notification has cleared)

Ventura Pier at Sunset photographed by Holly Jansen
During our exclusive, hands-on Ventura landscape photography workshop, you’ll work with two professional photographers.

This class is held in the “real world”, not in a classroom, where photographic concepts are lost. You will learn to adapt to any photographic situation quickly to get the shot!


Our Ventura landscape photography workshop covers the grand landscape in addition to fast action shooting. All of this will be explained simply and effectively.

You’ll explore the basics of Digital SLR Photography and how it applies to landscape photography in simple to understand terms and concepts. You will go home with a heightened understanding of how to work your camera and create stunning images.

All you need is a camera with interchangeable lenses, a sturdy tripod and a willingness to learn. We’ll do the rest to guide you on your journey of creative self-discovery.

For the duration of this class, we will explore the Ventura Beach area, capturing pictures and learning each of your camera’s basic menu functions. You will learn not to shoot in the Green or “P” program mode and more about the Manual, Aperture and Shutter priority settings and when and not to use them.

In the Ventura landscape photography workshop, you’ll learn what f-Stops are all about and how to construct landscapes from the ground up. You’ll learn the best creative exposures and see the results right away!

You will also learn creative composition basics. You’ll learn how filters work (we will supply examples if you don’t own any) and what types of situations to use them to landscapes for smoothing water effects to balancing exposures through the lens. We will also cover how to work with your tripod more effectively and why you need one.