Mark Jansen

We live in the days of constantly evolving technology. New techniques of photo enrichment, manipulation, and photographic stylings are flowing like water with every software developer screaming for our attention.

When something new hits the net or social media social outlets,
it’s immediately consumed copied and reproduced with slight variations by many!

The new and the different stand apart for a time., but the magic soon fades. Remember overdone HDR?

Most of the public inherently doesn’t have the physical ability to draw or paint. So they grab a camera with presets or a smartphone that magically produces what they might desire. New and special photo effects drawn us all in.

Some fail to realize that cameras, be it a DSLR Camera or Smartphone are nothing more than tools to create with. They don’t create art by themselves even with these effects. One must have that inherent flame of creativity inside and understand the ability to tell a story when using them.

Art can’t be consistently produced by an algorithm and have any depth or feeling. The same goes for using a particular camera, lens or photoshop action. All are used as enhancements to strong photographic story and composition. Its good to have a clear pre-vision of what tools, brushes, colors and compositions one is looking for beforehand. Photography is a long process of ever-changing discovery. Time and effort must be spent to achieve one’s vision and master one’s craft.

All the best,

Mark Jansen