Workshop Testimonials

Jansen photo Expeditions provide an excellent high value service in Iceland and many more locations worldwide.

A High Level of Integrity

“Having recently returned from a trip to Iceland with Jansen Photo Expeditions, I find myself yearning to go back. Not only was the landscape jaw-droppingly beautiful, but the food and accommodations were great. Jansen Photo Expeditions attracts high-quality individuals, which makes a huge difference when you’re traveling in a small group. The camaraderie and the new friends I made on this trip were like the icing on the cupcake! Everyone has been so impressed with the photos I shot while I was in Iceland (including myself!), but honestly, I feel like the landscape did the “heavy lifting” for me — it’s so incredible that it’s hard to take a bad shot! It helped tremendously to be with people who knew exactly where to go, how to handle the “dynamic” weather conditions, and how to get the best shot. Mark and Holly have been to Iceland several times and work exclusively with an Icelandic guide who knows the terrain and the conditions. As a team they work with a high level of integrity to keep us safe and show us how to capture the best of this incredibly beautiful country. It was an amazing trip and I want to go back!”

S. Lange, Worcester, MA – Iceland Photo Expedition 


Jansen Photo Expeditions provides an excellent photography guide service in Yosemite Valley.

A Beautiful Day with Experienced Photographers

“My wife and I spent a beautiful day with Mark and Holly photographing in Santa Ynez Valley and along the Santa Barbara coast. Not only did we learn a lot about landscape photography, we also discovered some beautiful locations in the process. Last but not least we had a great time and enjoyed every minute of that day. Mark and Holly are very nice people and experienced professional photographers. I highly recommend their tours and workshops to anybody interested in improving their photography skills.”

O. Schuchardt, Heidelberg, Germany – Private Workshop Santa Barbara


They focus on techniques to really accelerate your ability to create and capture stunning images.

I am extremely pleased with the progress of my photographic skills and images thanks Holly and Mark’s experience in creating a great landscape photography workshop.

I have been able to attend six workshops with Holly and Mark.  Half were with a group and half were private.

The group workshops provide a great platform to share your experience and challenges with Holly and Mark as well as the other participants.  The groups are kept to a very manageable size (6-8) people.  This small size allows each participant to benefit from one-on-one teaching whether working on composition, setting exposures or learning how to improve your photographic process.  Holly and Mark focus on areas of photography you want to develop and provide great hands-on training to improve your skills.

In a private workshop, Holly and Mark focus on techniques to really accelerate your ability to create and capture stunning images.  I have always been amazed at both my images and my development as a photographer at the end of a private workshop.

A great skill they have is organizing a day to take advantage of locations and lighting.  The smaller size of the groups enables them to keep the participants engaged, creative and productive.  We were able to visit a number of inspiring locations at the right time. In a private session, you are able to capture even more images and locations which really helps to hone your photographic skills.

As native Californians, Holly and Mark really have deep experience in the most photogenic parts of California.  As such, they know exactly where and when to be in the best locations any time of the year.

For me, one thing I really appreciate is they are two really nice people who you enjoy spending time with and learning photography from.

I highly recommend an experience with Holly and Mark!

B. Stockton, Los Angeles, CA – Private Workshops Yosemite Winter and Spring, and Big Sur Private Workshop, Group workshops in Eastern Sierra and Yosemite_____

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Looking Forward to Taking More Workshops with Mark and Holly

“I have taken two photography workshops with Mark and Holly and am looking forward to taking more. The first workshop was beginning landscape photography on Ventura Beach. This is the first time that I used a tripod outdoors with a wide angle lens. This is all it took, and now I am hooked on landscape photography. These were the best beach photos that I have ever taken and all it took was

A client enjoying a great educational experiance learnig how to photograph Yosemite Valleys Fall Colors.
some professional tips from Mark and Holly. I also got some great action shots of windsurfers and surfers. Their approachable and friendly instruction has given me the confidence to go out on my own and take my photography to the next level. On top of this, we had an amazingly great time. They are both lovely and professional.
My second workshop was a day trip to Anacapa Island during the Western gull nesting season. The Island, a beautiful location any time of the year, was covered with nesting gulls and adorable baby gulls. The Lighthouse and the view was spectacular and this is where I took some of my most favorite photos ever. To top it all off, we were escorted back to the mainland by hundreds of jumping dolphins! It was a magical day that I will never forget.
So if you enjoy photography and nature and want a leg up in getting proficient, I highly recommend Holly and Mark Jansen.”

D. Mitnick- Long Beach, CA – Big Sur Workshop, Private Landscape Workshop






They Get You to the Right Place at the Right Time for the Best Light

“Travel photography is tough.  You go to unfamiliar places and want to get the best pictures possible. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you can find someone who can recommend a spot.  Mark and Holly help take the guesswork out.  They have been to the places before – many times, and guide you where to go and at what time of day to take the best pictures possible.  Whether it’s the iconic half dome or El

One of Jansen Photo Expeditions clients photographing amazing glaciers in Iceland, during one of our photography workshops.
Capitan shot, or lesser known places like Diamond Beach in Iceland, they get you to the right place at the right time to have the best light so you can get the best image possible. Mark and Holly actively work with you during the workshop – as a group and one on one, showing you how they would take the shot and why.  You come away with great pictures and learn their approach in the process.”

Jesse R., Manhattan Beach, CA – Iceland Photo Expedition, Eastern Sierra Workshop, Yosemite Fall Workshop


The Workshop Improved Both the Taking and the Developing of the Photos

“I took the online iPhone class. I learned a lot in the class as it improved both the taking and the developing of the photos on my iPhone. I particularly enjoyed trying out many different ‘photo finishing’ apps–ones to improve exposure or add drama to an image. Holly’s clear instructions and examples helped me learn how to use each app alone as well as in concert. I am getting a lot of compliments on my photos after taking her class.”

Sarah K., Pittsburgh, PA, iPhone Photography Workshop


It was a big eye opener…Simply Outstanding

“I’ve done photojournalism, industrial photography and portraiture for the Air National Guard for the last 20 years. Now that I have retired I wanted to move in a more artistic direction. I looked around for a way to get a different critique and direction and I found Mark and Holly. We spent several days traveling around the Big Sur coast shooting and critiquing what I shot. It was a big eye opener and put me back on the direction that started me in photography in the first place. They taught me the mechanical techniques that will help to make my images sharper and better composed. And just hearing Mark and Holly, with their background critique my photos gave me a better understanding of how to capture and process my photos was simply outstanding.”

Dave B. , Newbury Park, CA, Private Big Sur Workshop


This Dynamic Husband and Wife Team Make Up the Perfect Dream Team!

Showing one of Jansen Photo Expeditions small group workshops held in Yosemite Valley.
“Mark and Holly both make their Photo Expeditions fun and enlightening for all skill levels and ages. Their timely, helpful suggestions delivered in a nurturing fashion, inspire learning and respect for their knowledge, efforts and ultimately, your results.
This dynamic husband and wife team make up the perfect dream team!”

Rick H., Oak Park, CA, Hot Air Balloon Photography Workshop





They have a great sense of place and light

“Without a doubt, Mark & Holly understand landscape photography. Moreover, they have a great sense of place and light. Coupled with their knowledge of Big Sur and the Central California Coast, one can expect to have exceptional opportunities to photograph one of America’s most beautiful natural treasures.”

Carl V., Westlake Village, CA, Big Sur Workshop


I Noticed Improvement Right Away

“Thank you once again for offering the birding photo workshop.  I noticed improvement in my bird-in-flight pictures right away.  I can already see where I would have liked different f-stops at times for a lesser or greater depth of field, but now I have a better idea of what I’m doing.  I was glad to have the practice with the birds.  After the session, I went up the street to the Channel Islands National Park building and bought a little book that has all local area birds in it.”

Colleen B.,  Oxnard, CA, Bird Photography Workshop, Smart Phone Photography Workshop

I’m super excited about exploring photography as an art with Holly and Mark

“I was a raw beginner and Holly and Mark from Jansen Photo Expeditions made it very accessible and doable and gave me tools that I can use. As a 61-year-old alternative medical professional, I’m super excited about exploring photography as an art with Holly and Mark. I would highly recommend their services.”

Laurie E., Ojai, Private Photography Workshop, iPhone Photography Workshop


Mark Jansen of Jansen Photo Expeditions instructing clients during a small group photography workshop held in Yosemite Valley

Holly and Mark Give a lot of One to One Attention

Holly and Mark are are amazing.  They really know their stuff and give a lot of one to one attention.  I can tell they are dedicated to providing a great experience with a lot of knowledge and enjoy sharing their passion for photography.

Linda L., Anaheim, CA, Private Photography Workshop


I Feel More Confidant

“I took a private digital SLR Class with Mark and Holly Jansen from Jansen Photo Expeditions in Ventura.  We went over all the basics like lens and camera and settings, and they gave me great suggestions for more advanced creative options and I feel more confidant every time I pick it up.  I would highly recommend taking one of their private workshops.”

Melissa H, Carpinteria,  CA, Private Photography Workshop



You Put Me On The Track__________

“I had a great time this weekend and you helped put me on the track I want to be on with my photography. Thank you!”

David B., Oxnard, CA, Private Big Sur Workshop


The Best Money I’ve Ever Spent

“I still have dreams about my wonderful experience with Jansen Photo Expeditions in Yosemite. My short time in Yosemite with them was honestly the most relaxing and fulfilling vacation I’ve had in many, many years. I came back to LA with a much changed eye when it comes to designing shots and lighting. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you so much.”

Morgan G.,  Tarzana, CA, Yosemite Fall Group Workshop, Big Sur Group Workshop, Eastern Sierra Group Workshop, Yosemite Spring Group Workshop, Channel Islands Private Workshop


Now I Take Beautiful Photos That Are Well Composed and Fun

“I took Mark and Holly’s iPhone photography workshop and learned SO much. I love to take pictures with my iPhone, but now I take beautiful photos that are well-composed and fun. I learned about great new apps and I am definitely more confident, creative and have a new eye for looking at scenery, especially the light that falls on different images. I highly recommend it.”

Gloria M.,  Camarillo, CA, iPhone Photography Class, Pt. Mugu Sunset Workshop


 I Was Amazed at what I Could Do!______

“I took the Santa Barbara IPhone Photography Workshop this morning and I learned so much in the time we were together!  Holly and Mark, the instructors, were very knowledgeable and easy to follow.  They walked me through step by step in what to download and how to use the features of that app.  I was amazed at what I could do.

I am very happy I will be able to use my new skills when I take my big vacation to the Galapagos Islands next month!!  Thank you, Holly and Mark!”


Dee E., Santa Barbara, CA, iPhone Photography Class