Tripods, Landscape Photography and the Reason why?

Owner / Operator at Jansen Photo Expeditions
Mark’s interest in photography and love for landscape photography draws him into some amazing places and he freely shares this knowledge on his photography workshops. He researches his subjects extensively, making many trips to selected areas waiting for the perfect light, an interesting approach to the subject, and just the right moment. His goal of "freezing time for others to enjoy" is what drives him to create his visions and teach workshops.

Mark offers photographic workshops in numerous U.S. and International locations with his business, Jansen Photo Expeditions. He is an expert and personable instructor, expedition leader and award winning, visionary photographer. 

Mark has over 25 years of professional fine art and photographic experience. He has a passion for landscape and classic aviation photography and provides large scale commercial installations of his fine art photographic murals and print works throughout California. He works with both small and large corporate businesses in helping them project a powerful impact through his images.
Mark Jansen

Are you wondering what type of camera tripod to purchase?  It can be a confusing task. Many newcomers are often lost on the subject of tripods altogether. In this blog and accompanying video, I will try to de-mystify tripods, landscape photography and the reason why? You know you need one, but don’t know exactly what kind or why. Some fail to realize that with landscapes and commercial applications, the tripod is the single most important piece of equipment you will need next to add to your camera arsenal for sharp well-composed photographs. Here are two of the seldom-realized reasons why you need a tripod for landscape photography. The first is, [...]