How to Photograph Iceland’s Diamond Beach

Iceland is an amazing photographic country. Every time I return to teach a workshop there, I’m always astounded by the changes I see. I’ve been fortunate to photograph many of its larger than life waterfalls, Aurora Borealis and inland glaciers. It’s truly a dynamic and changing location to photograph. […]

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Iceland’s Warming Visual Ecstasy Will End Someday.

For the last 20 years, our planet’s environment has been going through some amazing and highly noticeable changes. Some will argue about the semantics of global warming. But inserting one’s self into the midst of it will truly make you reflect. What does this mean? After a few trips to Iceland in the last couple years as a landscape photographer, I’ve reflected quite a bit about the future of Iceland’s Diamond Beach. Being a creative, the camera is my brush and canvas, and it’s my most successful tool of expression. I’ve been able to capture the results of our warming planet in intriguing ways. Many of the images seen of ice melting globally, from the Jakobshavn Glacier [...]

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Iceland: Land of Contrasts for the Landscape Photographer

Every time we go to Iceland it’s different. The weather is very changeable in the late winter, and you can experience the whole range of the Icelandic climate. That’s what makes our travel and photography workshops interesting and unique. One of my favorite places on our Iceland workshop is the area outside of Vik where we are overlooking an amazing scene of sea stacks and shoreline. I have been there twice now in completely different conditions. One time it was snowy and grey creating a unique black and white image, even though it was shot in color. The second time, it was sunny with interesting afternoon light and beautiful cloud [...]

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