A Fresh look at a Salty World During Our Photography Workshop in the Eastern Sierra

Moving through the dusty, gravel-strewn road, we soon arrived at our destination, the saline aquifer, Mono Lake. It’s one of our favorite stops on our photography workshop in the Eastern Sierra. After years of photographing its otherworldly calcified towers, I was looking for something new and unique that would give a fresh perspective to the place. I’ve been looking for something new to shoot other than its expanse of tufa towers, grasses, and bird life. Mono Lake Spider I think I’ve photographed this lake from every conceivable angle you could imagine after numerous photography workshops in the Eastern Sierra. If you’re a neophyte to this place, it can be quite stunning, [...]

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The Eastern Sierra Ultimate Photo Expedition

It’s five a.m. and all I can see in the pre-dawn is the light from my headlamp as I head across the desert. My husband and business partner is waiting for me at one of the famous sandstone arches in the Alabama Hills. This arch is hidden from view and not easily found without a guide. It is the first morning of our Eastern Sierra photo workshop. Behind me, four hopeful photographers follow in the 4 am darkness. It’s my job to guide them through the sage-and-stone-scattered tundra, through and around large boulders, across a stream bed and up a small hill to the arch. […]

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