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Have you considered taking a private photography workshop?

Wildflower photographyHave you ever been in a photography workshop where you are 1 in 30 people? Were you able to get near the pro running the workshop? Were you able to ask questions and get the information you were hoping you would get out of the workshop? If not…

A private photography workshop is an answer for you.

Maybe you were able to go home and take a look at your images and see some interesting shots that you would not have normally gotten, but were you given the pertinent settings and information that you needed in camera to be successful? It is much more useful to get those settings within the photography class as you are taking the picture, rather than be critiqued for what you did wrong after the fact.

Learning photography basics

We were regular participants in landscape photography workshops years before we started Jansen Photo Expeditions. We would attend many photography classes and private workshops and developed our business model around our experiences with these workshops.

Here’s what we found. People learn better and have a better overall experience in small groups and one on one. Workshop participants also have a lot more fun with just a few cohorts to bounce things off of, and more often than not, will go home best of friends. That only enhances the experience. When you are one in 30 in a workshop, it’s hard to establish a relationship with your fellow participants, not to mention get close to the pros running the workshop.

Small group workshops are a celebration of like-minded creative individuals, embracing the beauty of the landscape.

If you are jockeying for position with other workshop members, not to mention other tourists in the area, the nature and value of your experience will be diminished. You won’t be able to focus on your creativity and at the moment if you are jostling for position.

That’s where a fully private photography workshop becomes a viable option. 

Enjoying a great photography experience!

About 30% of our business comes from individuals requesting a private workshop. This can be a day workshop just to brush up on the basics or enhance the advanced skills they already know, a series of Adobe Lightroom classes, or a multi-day workshop in a beautiful location like Big Sur, Central Coast California, Yosemite, Eastern Sierra or Iceland.

What do our clients learn from a private photography workshop experience like this? They receive concentrated one on one attention on the topics that are most important to them in an area of their choice. They can laser focus on their intentions for their private workshop. Are they interested in honing in on their composition skills? Are they interested in conceptualizing their image from start to finish? Do they have a concept of post-processing from the point of pressing the shutter? If they approach the workshop and their photography class in this manner, they will get the best results and come home a better photographer.

Jansen Photo Expeditions has done private workshops all over California and can provide a private workshop in any geographical area of interest. For more information about the private workshop opportunity, go to our private workshop page for details.