Private Photography Workshop Ventura

Our Private Photography Workshops Are Available at a Time That Works for You and Tailored to Your Personal Skill Level held in beautiful Ventura, CA

Private Photography Workshop Ventura

During our exclusive 4 hour, hands-on private photography workshop, you’ll work with a highly experienced professional photographer and learn how to create amazing images and how to use the settings on your camera.

You will learn what settings are perfect for the best creative result.

This private photography class is held in the “real world", not in a classroom, where photographic concepts can be lost when you attempt to apply them in real situations. You will learn how to adapt to any situation quickly to get the best image possible!

Several modes of photography will be covered in this digital photography class. We will discuss techniques for landscape photography, slow motion water effects, as well as action sports. All genres will be explained simply and effectively.

We’ll explore the basics of Digital SLR Photography and how it applies to landscape photography in simple to understand terms and concepts. Whether you own a Nikon, Canon or Olympus, all you need is a camera with interchangeable lenses, a sturdy tripod and a willingness to learn. We’ll do the rest to guide you on your journey of creative self-discovery.

This session is preferably held either early mornings or late afternoon when the light is best near the Ventura Pier, in Ventura, CA.

For the duration of this class, we will explore the Ventura Beach area, capturing pictures and learning each of your camera’s basic menu functions. You will learn not to shoot in the Green or “P” program mode and more about the Manual, Aperture and Shutter priority settings and when to use them.

This class can also be arranged near Malibu or Santa Barbara for an additional fee,
please inquire here for details.

Learning The Basics and More

You’ll learn what f-Stops are all about and how to construct landscapes from the ground up

Donna during our Private Photography workshop in Ventura, CA

You’ll learn how to make the best creative exposures and see the results right away!

We will also touch on composition basics. You’ll learn how filters work (supplied if you don’t own any) and what types to apply them to landscapes. We will be using them to create smoothing water effects and balanced exposures through the lens. All this will be discussed in addition to how to work with your tripod more effectively and why you need one.

If you would like to sharpen your photographic skills in a private setting or if you're a beginner and just getting started, we offer a hands-on customized course based on your skill level and what you want to achieve.

You will learn the most if you take a series of workshops to help you come back to the concepts again and again. Your camera skills will then become second nature, with time and practice.

Private 4 hour Digital SLR Landscape Photography Session

This workshop can be broken up into 2 - two hour sessions
2 hours hands on photography
2 hours Lightroom editing

Held in Ventura, California or by Zoom meeting
Price: $425

Private photography workshops in Ventura
Private photography class in Ventura

Premier Private Landscape Photography Workshop Package

This package includes one private in-person 4-hour Ventura landscape photography class and two in-person 2-hour Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop editing classes. It also includes an additional 2-hour class of your choice.
(shooting in the field or Post Processing).
Held in Ventura County, CA or by Zoom meeting

For more information on the Lightroom Class, please follow this link.

This class will help you understand digital photography and the editing and organization that is necessary to create beautiful imagery.



 Ultimate Private Landscape Photography Workshop Package

This package includes two private 4-hour in-person photography classes and three 2-hour in-person Lightroom or Photoshop Classes. This class will help you understand digital photography and the editing that is necessary to create beautiful imagery.

For more information on the Lightroom class, please follow this link. Save

Held in Ventura County, CA or by Zoom meeting

Price: $1399

Photography Workshops with Jansen Photo Expeditions

Private In-Person Adobe Lightroom Tutoring
(in person or by Skype)

This two-hour in-person class will bring you up to speed on your photo editing, an essential part of digital photography. Let the power of Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom bring your photography to the next level. During this class, you’ll learn the tools to give your images the color, detail, and mood that will make them pop. You’ll learn quick and easy editing tools with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that will bring out the details, color, and contrast you saw in the scene when you first envisioned your landscape photo.

Two-Hour Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Private Tutoring
(in person or by Zoom meeting)

5 – Two Hour Adobe Lightroom or Photoshop Private Tutoring
(in person or by Zoom meeting)

Expand your knowledge of Adobe Lightroom in conjunction with Photoshop to get you up to speed on photo editing fast!

*All photography packages must be completed within one year of purchase.


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