Private Multi-day Photography Workshops

Private Multi-day Photography Workshops

Jansen Photo Expeditions offers private multi-day landscape photography workshops in beautiful natural locations geared to your creative and technical photographic skill level.

Our private multi-day events can be optioned at a time that works for you in any of the areas listed below.
We can create a special workshop for you or your group of up to 8 people. 
If you are interested in a geographic area not listed here, please contact us!
Private Yosemite Photography Workshop

Jansen Photo Expeditions has unique itineraries designed for you and your traveling companions. The photographic workshop options are limitless!

Photograph incredible Yosemite in the winter, travel with the buffalo in Grand Teton National Park, experience the amazing waterfalls in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge, or join us in amazing Iceland for the trip of a lifetime. Just choose your dates and we’ll take care of the rest!
Check out a sampling of our private expeditions below, and see all the amazing places we can take you and the photographs you will collect.

We take single clients or a small group of friends to a higher level of photographic creativity and outdoor guidance. These workshops are always a lot of fun and allow you time to relax with the photographic experience at a pace you choose. Or perhaps you prefer to take things to a higher more physical level, by perhaps snowshoeing you into a special location in Yosemite or something else entirely unexpected and exciting!

So, If you’re seriously interested in focusing on your personal landscape photography, or you have a group of friends who feel the same way, have a look at having us propose a special package for you or your group. Life is too short to miss what our beautiful planet has to offer the adventurous landscape photographer!


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We Create Custom Photography Tours to Your Liking

The following popular locations are available at the prices listed for 1 or 2 people. For more information on each location, please click on the link and look at our group workshop information. All of our group workshops listed on the website are available to be privately optioned. 
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Please inquire to set up a workshop in any other area of the U.S. or the world not listed. We are well versed in travel and photography and are ready to provide you with the instruction and guidance you desire in the U.S. and abroad. _

 Changes in route or schedule may occur at any time and are up to the discretion of Jansen Photo Expeditions.
We are well versed in all the areas we cover in our workshops and itineraries may change to accommodate for unforeseen circumstances. Love nature? This is all part of it.

Please Inquire about other location options for private Photography Workshops.


Be sure to be familiar with our Cancellation Policy before completing your registration.
Please protect yourself for any unforeseen cancellations with affordable travel insurance.
We are a recognized provider for Travel Guard.

Jansen Photo Expeditions is an
Authorized Permittee of the National Park Service