Private Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Classes

Adobe Lightroom Private Classes

 How would it feel to see your photographs evolve to a professional level through the use of photo editing?

 Our private Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop classes will empower you with the tools that are essential in creating visually impactful photographs.
We teach simple easy tools that will make a great impact on your photo editing and organizational skills, two essential parts of the digital photographic process. ________

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Lightroom and Photoshop Editing, Jansen Photo Expeditions

Let Lightroom help organize your whole catalog of images quickly and easily. This class covers importation, organization, and selection of images. Find your images in seconds after you set up your collections, tags, and folders upon import.

You’ll also learn the tools to give your images the color, detail, and mood that will make them pop. You’ll become an expert using the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom workflow.

For the more advanced photo editor, the class is tailored to “painting with light” to bring out the vision of the photograph you saw when you originally took the shot working with both Lightroom and Photoshop together for more powerful editing tools.

This class may be tailored to your individual needs. Private in-person classes held in Ventura or Santa Barbara Counties, CA or by Skype.

Skype sessions are available

Skype sessions can be set up wherever you are and you will be able to see the adjustments made through screen sharing. Please send at least 3 of your RAW files the day before the class schedule so they can be uploaded.
(If you aren’t shooting with RAW, TIFF files would be the next best option as a file format.)

Private Lightroom and Photoshop Classes - In Person or by Skype

We Create Custom Photography Classes to Your Liking

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Private Lightroom and Photoshop Classes - In Person or by Skype

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