Photography Portfolio Review, Jansen Photo ExpeditionsThe photography portfolio review is for the photographer who has become comfortable with the technical aspects of the art and their post processing skills.

The next most important process is the emergence of style development and building a strong portfolio of images.

Sorting through your best images and receiving objective opinions from friends or loved ones can be difficult. Other options might include wading through many of the hundreds of online photo posting sites, with strangers giving their thumbs up ratings, or brief comments in boxes “I really like your photo” and so on. Thats about it.


Mark Jansen, Jansen Photo Expeditions

My photography portfolio review building program consists of careful evaluation of the images you find most important and significant to you. Through my process of working with you, your body of work may reveal a creative direction you might not have been aware of.


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By revealing your photograph’s strengths, you will also benefit by seeing how you can apply this directly through pre-visualized thought in future photographic subjects. You will then learn to seek natural environmental subjects with purpose knowing what your strongest compositional elements are and then push them to higher levels more quickly and effectively.

Photography Portfolio Review

Portfolio Review


In this program, each image you submit will be examined for its strengths and weaknesses and what defines it as a good image to include, or not to include in your portfolio or website.

  • Receive both pros and cons and ways to improve the picture
  • Receive a constructive critique of each picture submitted concentrating on composition and creativity.
  • Receive images in a hierarchy as far as best to worst
  • Suggestions on how to improve image with post processing tools
  • Ability to resubmit images one time after corrections
    Additional submissions of the same image -$10

After sign up, we will send you detailed instruction on how to upload pictures to our site.