Mark Jansen
How Did You Get the Shot? Southwest Florida

It’s that time of year when everyone begins to start scheduling their photographic adventures. Our phones and email connections seem to explode after a long holiday snooze!

But something seems a bit different here at Jansen Photo Expeditions, and it appears to be a growing trend. Everywhere we go it becomes a necessity to book a year or more in advance, especially at most of our premium locations, even during the week!

Weekend group workshops no longer exist for us. There are simply too many large outfitters crowding out well know locations. Long gone are the days of last minute bookings as well.

The fact of the matter is, there is simply more humanity wanting to experience beautiful locations through the lens or otherwise. My advice, if you’ve been browsing our web pages and pondering a great adventure with us is to start planning now. The days of doing anything last minute, especially in the world of photographic workshops are long gone.

Hope to see you on a future workshop! Just be sure to plan well in advance!

Learn how to get the shot in Landscape Photography

If you would like some help with your photographic vision, join us at Jansen Photo Expeditions for one of our private or group workshops in California, Oregon, Wyoming, Iceland, or the destination of your choice. You will have an enriching learning experience and go home with a camera full of prized photographs.

Mark Jansen

How I got the shot in Southwest Florida