Mark Jansen

Landscape Photography Workshops Ventura

Whether you’re shooting a DSLR, mirrorless, or even film, all cameras do the same thing once you dig through the array of options packed within. They capture light onto a light-sensitive emulsion or sensor.

Each camera comes with a complete array of adjustments to sculpture light as it passes through the lens. Understanding these basic adjustments takes some time, but once mastered will provide the photographer with an unending pallet of creativity and control.

Many newcomers fall into the trap relying on program green settings. The camera companies have done an amazing job of selling cameras by providing them. These push and play buttons attempt to spare the general public from the fear of failure but also a true understanding of photography by producing pretty pictures with good exposures right out of the box.

People come to us with a desire to confront this fear and have a better understanding of photography by stepping into the adjustable buttons such as Aperture and Shutter priority and Manual. Whether you want to become a more professional photographer or just wants more creative enjoyment of this new found hobby that you perhaps flirted with in the past… Taking the time to understand the basics of the photographic process will pay dividends in the long term providing you with an infinite world of options, not dictated by the camera companies and their green program buttons!

Join us on one of our photography workshops and learn the skills you need to come away with professional looking images.  You won’t be disappointed!

All the best,

Mark Jansen