Landscape Photography (Learning The Basics and More )

Mark Jansen

Mark Jansen

Owner / Operator at Jansen Photo Expeditions
Mark’s interest in photography and love for landscapes constantly draws him into some amazing places. He researches his subjects extensively, sometimes making many trips to selected areas waiting for the perfect light, an interesting approach to the subject, and just the right moment.His goal of "freezing time for others to enjoy" is what drives him to create his visions.

Mark has a passion for landscape and classic creative aviation photography as well as providing large scale commercial installations of his fine art photographic murals and print works throughout California.

He has over 25 years of professional fine art and photographic experience. 

He works with both small and large corporate businesses in helping them project a powerful impact through his images. Mark offers photographic workshops in various U.S. and International locations.

Mark is an expert and personable instructor, expedition leader & award winning, visionary photographer. 

He is also a photography educator with the "Manfrotto School of Excellence" online educational network. 

"This is gorgeous work!", says Christopher Robinson, editor of Outdoor Photographer Magazine.
Mark Jansen

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I’ve been in the business of teaching landscape and street photography for the last 15 years.  In the early days, the lion’s share of our business was fine art and commercial photography. But after countless requests, I’ve created a fool proof and simple to understand curriculum. I started offering one on one mentoring to quite a few individuals. I was soon leading private landscape photography workshops and small group landscape photography workshops with my wife Holly.

Learning photographyWhen I’m not leading small group photography Workshops in Yosemite, or leading a private photography workshop in Big Sur, or an Iceland small group photography workshop. I teach one on one basic photography workshops in Ventura California, near my home when I’m not on the road.

After doing this for sometime, I’ve found that many of my students, while having a deep desire to learn landscape photography, sorely need to grasp the basics of their cameras form and function, along with understanding exposure and compositional rules.

With the internet, there is so much information pouring out from so many angles on how all this works. This spins people into a ball of confusion and mis-information. The problem I see is the cameras are so good at taking photographs from the Green and P program modes. People seem to stop there and call themselves photographers, until they get into a bind, and the Green Program Modes can’t save them. These modes produce well balanced exposures for certain, under perfect lighting conditions. That’s when it can all go astray and leave many with a longing to know what all the other buttons and dials can do to help them produce compelling creative imagery.

In the backs of their minds, they know there is more to learn, but fail to take the next step in taking personal creative control of their photography to save them from these dead end situations. They will most likely Google: Landscape Photography Workshop, or perhaps private landscape photography workshops to help, but usually to no avail.

In many cases, they have just purchased a camera to use on a once in a lifetime trip, with no knowledge of how it works. In this case, I normally recommend my basic 4 hour private landscape photography workshop, held in Ventura, California. This gets them up to speed for one of our multi-day workshops.

Learning Landscape Photography

Much of Jansen Photo Expedition’s business evolves around private multi-day landscape photography workshops for single individuals.

In these cases, our 1 on 1 photography workshops can cover everything they want to know about the photographic process. We can teach them from camera form and function, to ending with full compositional landscape creation through the lens, and finishing off with photoshop and Lightroom editing. All they need to do after that is practice, practice, practice.

A private photography workshop is something to keep in mind if you are new to photography or already know what you’re doing techically and want professionals who know Yosemite, Iceland, Big Sur and the Eastern Sierra of California to provide you with a fresh angle or point of view you might not have noticed.

All the Best,
Mark Jansen

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