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iPhone / Smartphone Photography Workshop Ojai

iPhone Photography OjaiIn this iPhone / SmartPhone Photography Workshop Ojai,
we’ll teach you how these phones create a constant flow of creativity
and help enhance many aspects of the photographic thought process.

This amazing image capture device can no longer be ignored as a tool for photographers and creatives.

During the morning workshop, we’ll explore the I-Phone/ Smartphone’s unique and interesting image capture possibilities with the latest in creative and informative applications (which you will be downloading at the beginning of the workshop). You will learn how to use these apps to shoot, edit and apply creative adjustments to your images. We will also cover basic composition and exposure techniques as they apply to the iPhone / Smartphone.

July 8th, 8:30AM-11:00AM

We’ll meet you in Libby Park
(directly across from Rain Department Store)
210 S Signal St

Ojai, CA


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Sign up now as class size is limited to only 6 people

We will introduce camera apps that will help you create amazing pictures and the compatible processing apps.  (We will be discussing 5 apps, which range in price from Free to $1.99)  Then we will walk the streets of downtown Ojai capturing images with our phones.

We will be taking pictures and learning each of the camera apps along the way. We will be covering exposure and composition basics and you’ll be able to try some amazing new lenses that can be attached to your phones.

After the walk, we will regroup and show you how to begin processing some of those images we have just captured.  We will also show you how to upload direct to social media and share with friends and family.

Please be sure to have your phone charged up and know your passwords and credit card information to purchase the apps needed for the class.  We will load up the apps in the beginning of the class with the help of the instructors.


Please keep in mind; changing weather makes for great photography. All our workshops go ahead rain or shine unless weather is determined to be intolerable by the workshop leaders. If so, workshop will be moved to the following weekend or to next date this workshop is held, usually within a 4 week period.

“Click Here” to view Holly’s Instagram account.  All these images were taken with the iPhone and apps we will be discussing in this class.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing the creative tool that’s always at your fingertips!

If you would like an online option to learn iPhone photography, check out our class here.