iPhone Photography Online Class – On Demand

 Learn how to take great pictures with our iPhone photography online class.
It’s that photographic tool that is always in your pocket.

The  iPhone is both a camera and a dark room all in one and has an amazing array
of image capture and processing tools available to you at your fingertips.

iPhone Photography Hipstamatic App

In this 4 week iPhone Photography online class,
Holly will open your eyes to the world of smart phone photography.

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Price:  $129.00
Available on Demand 

Your instructor, Holly Higbee-Jansen has a vast knowledge of the iPhone and its applications that can either introduce you to the world of photography or be a fun and creative side line to your already advanced photography knowledge.


iPhone Photography multi layer effectsClass Overview

We will introduce you to several camera and processing applications

Learn how to crop, change saturation, brightness and affect the overall look of a picture with grunge filters and other techniques.

Learn about simple blending and masking techniques

Learn how to stitch multiple images together at various resolutions

Discover how to create an artistic vision of your photograph

Have fun, go crazy and experiment!

Recommended websites to visit and accessories to buy.

This is an online iPhone Photography class. You will receive weekly PDF lessons, videos, and assignments that will be completed before the next class.  Most of all, you will love the fun and photographs you get from your iPhone!



“I learned a lot in the class and it improved both the taking and the developing of the photos on my iPhone. I particularly enjoyed trying out many different ‘photo finishing’ apps–ones to improve exposure or add drama to an image. Holly’s clear instructions and examples helped me learn how to use each app alone as well as in concert. I am getting a lot of compliments on my photos after taking her class.”



“Life got really crazy at the end of the class you taught about iPhone Photography and I didn’t get a chance to thank you for a great class. I now enjoy my iPhone camera a lot more with all the new apps you taught us about.”

– Jeanette


“Thanks very much for the course. It opened up a totally new area of photography. When I initially tried the native camera app on my iPhone 4 a few years back, I was really disappointed I couldn’t get the results I wanted. Learning about Camera+ and editing apps changed everything for me. 4 weeks ago, I never thought I’d enjoy iPhonography this much. Thanks again for this wonderful course. All the best from Scotland,”

– Philippe


“Hi, I took your iPhone Photography class… I have to say that class was awesome. I have been shooting, lets call it event photography with my phone at our local bars shooting our favorite local bands. Everyone loves the images I have been getting and I was even asked to display some at our local Art Show. Thank you again for this class!!!! I hope you teach another one, maybe part two.”

– Paul C.

Class Assignments

The assignments for this course will revolve around the reading and videos sent to you each week. You will working with the apps and editing programs discussed and you will apply those tools to the photographic subjects around you.  The main thing is to get you motivated creatively to get out, shoot and have fun!

Course Outline

Week 1: Introduction to the iphone Camera and Apps In the first week you will learn how to use the native iPhone camera and set up the various processing apps to learn the basics of iPhone Photography. We will talk about editing apps to crop, rotate, frame and even grunge your images. We will discuss the various capabilities of the apps and when to use them.

Week 2: Vintage apps and Editing apps This week we will be introducing you to some fun vintage apps that have a variety of “lenses” and “films”.  We will show you a few ‘just for fun’ techniques  to mix things up and show you the essential editing techniques to make your pictures pop. Then, we will show you how to add frames of varying sizes and colors to your images.

Week 3: Advanced Texture and Layering Techniques  We will be playing with several apps that allow you to blend pictures together for some fun and surprising effects. We will also experiment with different textures and  multiple exposure apps.

Week 4: Bringing it All Together On our final week we will talk about blending modes and watercolor apps, the more advanced techniques in iPhoneography. We will also spend time this week playing with some fun video apps and social sharing. We will also be talking about websites that will continue to inspire your creativity with the iPhone and the importance of watermarking your images online.


•iPhone (6 or 7)  or iPad

•Ability and willingness to purchase required apps priced between $1-$3

•Desire to learn and have fun! Your instructor, Holly Higbee-Jansen, is available throughout the course to answer questions and help you through difficult areas.  This course is meant to be an interactive community between students, instructor and other class participants.