iPhone Photography Workshop, Ventura

iPhone / Smartphone Photography WorkshopiPhone Photography Workshop

iPhone Photography Workshop
Ventura Pier, Ventura, CA

Saturday, July 25, 2020

8:30am – 11am



In this iPhone Photography Workshop, we’ll teach you how these phones create a constant flow of creativity and help enhance many aspects of the photographic thought process.

This amazing image capture device can no longer be ignored as a tool for photographers and creatives. During this morning workshop, we’ll explore the iPhone’s unique and interesting image capture possibilities with the latest in creative and informative applications (which you will be downloading at the beginning of the workshop).

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Ventura iPhone and Smartphone photography Workshop
iPhone / Smartphone Photography Workshop Ventura

What You Will Learn in the iPhone Photography Workshop

You will learn how to use apps to shoot, edit and apply creative adjustments to your images. We will also cover basic composition and exposure techniques as they apply to the iPhone.

You will learn several camera apps that will help you create amazing pictures and the compatible photo editing apps.  (We will be discussing approximately 5 apps, which range in price from Free to $1.99)  Then, we will walk the beautiful Ventura beach utilizing our new tools.

During the workshop, we will be taking pictures and learning each of the camera apps along the way. You will learn exposure and composition basics as well as beginning post processing for those images you have just captured.

We look forward to seeing you and sharing the creative tool that’s always at your fingertips

Here’s what people are saying about our iPhone class:

“I just wanted to say thanks for all the information and critiques. Very helpful, and lots of fun to learn about all the post processing we can do right on our phone. I am glad to learn how to use that “camera we always have with us”. I can think of many times in the past when I wish I knew about Camera +. And now I have many other options too!”  
Thanks again,
Laurie E. – Ojai, BA

“I have to say that class was awesome. I have been shooting, lets call it event photography with my
phone at our local bars shooting our favorite local bands. Everyone loves the images I now create and I am displaying some at our local Art Show. Thank you again for this class!!!! I hope you teach another one, maybe part two!”
Paul C. – Brooklyn, NY

“I took Mark and Holly’s iPhone photography workshop and learned SO much. Now, I love to take pictures with my iPhone, and they are beautiful photos that are well-composed and fun. Not only did I learn about great new apps,  I am definitely more confident, creative and have a new eye for looking at scenery, especially the light that falls on different images. I highly recommend it.”
Gloria M. – Camarillo, CA

“I took the IPhone Photography Workshop this morning and I learned so much in the time we were together!  Holly and Mark, the instructors, were very knowledgeable and easy to follow.  They walked me through step by step in what to download and how to use the features of that app. I am very happy I will be able to use my new skills when I take my big vacation to the Galapagos Islands next month!!  Thank you, Holly and Mark!”
Dee E. – Santa Barbara