Finding your photographic vision is a great challenge for many photographers. Many people spend years honing their craft to understand the mechanics of aperture, exposure, and ISO, in addition to understanding their chosen camera’s form and function before heading out on a photo expedition. But many find difficulty constructing solid, engaging imagery once they arrive at a destination beyond the obvious.

We live in a world of simple to capture, perfect digital exposures. They have amazing color and sharpness, paired with ever-expanding choices of post-capture image manipulation as well.
In turn, the world is awash in colorful imagery and with the low cost of memory, the spray and pray technique seems to be the rule for many. Whether you’re a landscape or street photographer seeking a singular photograph or multi-image editorial captures, learning to be expressive and considered with your work is the elusive holy grail for many.

One must go well beyond the stated basics of photography. These are the only brushes, paint, and canvas with this art form. Take time to learn the basics of a photograpic composition by enrolling in a photography class or attending a workshop with Jansen Photo Expeditions. Additionally, If you absorb knowledge better in a closely focused 1 on 1 environment, I would suggest a mentor in the field program, in a real-world situation.  You’ll soon be on your way to creating strong and compelling photographs and finding your photographic vision.

All the best,

Mark Jansen