Sharpening – How to Get Tack Sharp Images

Creating sharp images is a goal for most avid photographers. As an instructor for landscape photography, there are many tools that I teach to create the sharpest images possible. Here are some of the tactics I use when shooting and editing. In this article, I cover my favorite tools in camera, as well as the settings I use in Lightroom as I complete my editing. All of the tips I give you here assume you are shooting RAW files. Use a Tripod! I am an advocate of making your tripod your best friend. Yes, I know they can be heavy and burdensome, but they are indispensable if you want to improve [...]

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Landscape Photography with Post Processing in Mind

I’m sure you’ve heard this before several times... Landscape photography is all about the light. And when is that light the best? In my opinion, I love the light 1/2 hour before and after sunrise, and 1/2 before and after sunset. (These times may vary depending on where you are, but this is my rule of thumb.) Do you ever think how this light is going affect your post processing? If you are on a dedicated photography tour (on your own or with a photography workshops), this can mean a lot of early mornings, and late evenings. When you first hear that alarm at 4:30am, it can be hard, but once you are [...]

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The Best Way to Use Lightroom When Traveling

Many people have asked me how to continue editing and cataloging their images with Adobe’s Lightroom program when traveling. There are many things to consider when you are planning a photography trip and the ability to store and secure your photos is as important as where you will be shooting and what camera equipment to bring. Should you bring a laptop? Should you bring external drives? Many people like to travel with a laptop and external drives to store their images. For me, because I teach workshops, I prefer to travel light. There is enough gear to carry without dragging a computer and hard drive with the risk of damage or destruction [...]

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Mirrorless Full Frame Debuts by Nikon and Canon!

We normally don’t talk about camera brands and specifications that much here at Jansen Photo Expeditions. Mainly because we have always focused on the creative end of landscape photography and how to get the best out of any camera you own already regardless of the make, model, or cost. But today I had to address what’s been going on in the world of digital photography over the last couple of weeks. Unless you might have missed the big announcements from Nikon and Canon, full-frame Mirrorless has arrived from both of these popular camera manufacturers, and you’ll now find plenty of information on them, and opinions on their specifications everywhere on the web [...]

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The Importance of Horizon Lines in Landscape Photography

I'm a stickler when it comes to horizon lines in landscape photography. Where do you place the horizon line for the most emphasis and drama? Beginner photographers will almost always place their horizon lines dead center of their images and not consider this element of composition in landscape photography. Not only is the line dead center, it is usually crooked as well. And the funny thing about it, they don't notice it. Your horizon lines in landscape photography are more important than you think. Correct placement of your horizon line can add drama and dimension to your image, or cause it to fall flat. This image I took on the west coast [...]

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5 Steps to Improve Your Landscape Photography

Landscapes photography is the single most pursued form of photography for many. It seems simple at first, especially if you're an introvert. You don’t need to interact with another person or a model, and you don’t need a studio filled with special lighting. All you need a way to access Mother Nature and there seems to be opportunities everywhere… But there’s more to landscape photography than driving to the nearest Vista point in a National park and sticking a camera out the window of your car and taking a quick snapshot. The following are my 5 steps that will help get you started and perhaps move you further ahead especially if you’ve [...]

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