Using Collections in Adobe Lightroom Classic

It’s important to know the distinctions between the different organizational tools in Lightroom. These tools include the catalog, your files, and your collections. Lightroom is my favorite photo editor because of its power of organization. There are many layers of organization that include folders, collections, keywords and star ratings. Because of all of these elements, it is very easy to create a catalog that is simple to navigate. Images can be found in a matter of seconds if you use the power of Lightroom to organize them correctly. One of the best tools to use is collections. The Catalog The catalog includes digital [...]

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Do You Pre-visualize Before Shooting Your Landscape Images?

There are many ways to approach an iconic location when shooting landscape photography. You could just shoot it the way 1,000's of other photographers have, or come up with your own creative ideas. It helps to a plan when going to a location, and have a concept of how you want to shoot it. Pre-visualization is the key! Recently, I returned to an iconic Iceland location. It is a long drive to reach this place and you really only get a short time to get the image you want. Many factors come in to play in Iceland, and most of it is because of the weather. It can be very windy and [...]

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Are You Over Processing Your Images?

“Dodging and burning are steps to take care of mistakes God made in establishing tonal relationships.” - Ansel Adams Ansel Adams embraced post processing in the dark room by dodging and burning (making adjustment in exposure) areas of the image for impact. The lesson that we learned from him is that post processing is just as important as the photo taking process, and shouldn’t be looked down upon as a lesser art form. Ansel Adams sometimes spent entire days locked up in his darkroom creating his prints. They didn’t come out of the camera that way. And that is just as true today. When we shoot with care taking into consideration [...]

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Using Essential Adjustments in Adobe Lightroom CC

Have you wondered how the pros create beautifully edited pictures? Here’s one of the secrets to editing in Adobe Lightroom CC. It’s not only about having the exposure, contrast, white balance, and saturation globally adjusted, it is also about correctly adjusting key parts of the image. Individually adjusting certain areas of an image can lead to more definition, detail, vibrancy, and clarity in your picture. My go to tools for this image fine-tuning are in the selective adjustment panel in Adobe Lightroom CC. The selective adjustment panel is located in the Develop module above the “Basic” panel. If you click on one of the selective tools [...]

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Sharpening – How to Get Tack Sharp Images

Creating sharp images is a goal for most avid photographers. As an instructor for landscape photography, there are many tools that I teach to create the sharpest images possible. Here are some of the tactics I use when shooting and editing. In this article, I cover my favorite tools in camera, as well as the settings I use in Lightroom as I complete my editing. All of the tips I give you here assume you are shooting RAW files. Use a Tripod! I am an advocate of making your tripod your best friend. Yes, I know they can be heavy and burdensome, but they are indispensable if you want to improve [...]

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Landscape Photography with Post Processing in Mind

I’m sure you’ve heard this before several times... Landscape photography is all about the light. And when is that light the best? In my opinion, I love the light 1/2 hour before and after sunrise, and 1/2 before and after sunset. (These times may vary depending on where you are, but this is my rule of thumb.) Do you ever think how this light is going affect your post processing? If you are on a dedicated photography tour (on your own or with a photography workshops), this can mean a lot of early mornings, and late evenings. When you first hear that alarm at 4:30am, it can be hard, but once you are [...]

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