Why You Need to Use Lightroom Mobile

With the new changes that have recently come out with the Adobe subscription plan, there are even more reasons to take a good look at your Lightroom plan and be familiar with all the features it offers. With your subscription to the Adobe Photographer’s plan, you receive free use of Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom mobile not only lets you carry your favorite images with you from your desktop version but also lets you create and edit RAW images with your cell phone. […]

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Give That Old Camera Some New Glass!

We encounter many photographers new to the craft on our workshops. Many of these new clients that are caught up in the technology. With so many options to capture a picture these days, it’s a wonder anyone can choose the road that’s good for them. It’s so important for newcomers to focus on their photography, and not the brand of camera they’re using. There are some other factors to keep in mind as well, like lens selection. If you like  this blog, consider checking out our other articles on a similar topic: Will that new camera make you a better photographer? If you’d like [...]

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Photographing the Aurora Borealis In Iceland

Photographing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland can be an exciting and challenging experience for beginner and advanced photographers alike. Everyone has their own way of accomplishing this. The following steps reflect what you might already know if you’ve been exposed to the milky way or any type of night photography. Aurora Borealis Photography workshops in Iceland. First, the most important thing before you even touch your camera is to set up for the shot. Take a few moments to enjoy this wonder of mother nature. Experience the magic with your naked eye for a few minutes, as the colorful lights dance and whip around before you. This will [...]

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How Did I Get the Shot? Southwest Florida

Excelling in landscape photography takes some thought and preparation. It's not a drive-by shooting out the car window and it's not a mid-day shot when you're having a picnic with your family. In my new series of articles, I will tell you what my process was, and how I got the shot. Sometimes, it's pure luck. But it's always about being at the right place at the right time in the right light. So, then it's not just luck, is it? Whenever I go anywhere, I make an effort to either be out at sunrise or sunset to find the best opportunities landscape photography. On this trip to Southwest Florida, I was there [...]

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Do You Need to Upgrade Your Camera?

We are constantly having this conversation about upgrading cameras. What is the newest neatest thing and how much is going to set me back? I don't know about you, but a camera is a major investment and I don't take that purchase lightly. Just upgrading the newest body isn't going to make you Ansel Adams, although a lot of people think so. I believe you should buy the best Digital SLR or mirror-less camera that you can afford, and keep it for a number of years. I have had my current camera for about 4 years. I am constantly learning new features and pushing it and myself [...]

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Will that new camera make you a better photographer?

We live in a time of rapidly advancing technology everywhere, especially when it comes to digital cameras. Long gone are the days of that infrequent film camera purchase, where the type of film you used determined so much. Not so in our digital world. The wear it out, get it repaired cameras seem to be gone, or so it would seem. Now you see new camera models from all leading camera manufacturers hitting the market faster than ever. Keeping digital cameras and passing them down to family members, or using them until they wear out by most consumers is a rare occurrence. Having a look at eBay [...]

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