Do You Need to Upgrade Your Camera?

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We are constantly having this conversation about upgrading cameras. What is the newest neatest thing and how much is going to set me back? I don't know about you, but a camera is a major investment and I don't take that purchase lightly. Just upgrading the newest body isn't going to make you Ansel Adams, although a lot of people think so. I believe you should buy the best Digital SLR or mirror-less camera that you can afford, and keep it for a number of years. I have had my current camera for about 4 years. I am constantly learning new features and pushing it and myself [...]

Will that new camera make you a better photographer?

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We live in a time of rapidly advancing technology everywhere, especially when it comes to digital cameras. Long gone are the days of that infrequent film camera purchase, where the type of film you used determined so much. Not so in our digital world. The wear it out, get it repaired cameras seem to be gone, or so it would seem. Now you see new camera models from all leading camera manufacturers hitting the market faster than ever. Keeping digital cameras and passing them down to family members, or using them until they wear out by most consumers is a rare occurrence. Having a look at eBay [...]

Private Photography Workshops in Yosemite

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Yosemite National Park is one our favorite places to hold our photography workshops and we offer both group and private workshops there. One of our most popular offerings is our private photography workshops in Yosemite. Here are some of the reasons why: Yosemite is Well Loved Yosemite is well loved by people from all over the world, and that’s not always a good thing. We take you to places in the park that the majority of the visitors don’t know about. These locations are not on the tourist bus routes and generally not an easy walk from a parking lot. But at the same time, there are some wonderful locations right [...]

Photographing the Aurora Borealis In Iceland

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Photographing the Aurora Borealis in Iceland can be an exciting and challenging experience for beginner and advanced photographers alike. Everyone has their own way of accomplishing this. The following steps reflect what you might already know if you’ve been exposed to the milky way or any type of night photography. Aurora Borealis Photography workshops in Iceland. First, the most important thing before you even touch your camera is to set up for the shot. Take a few moments to enjoy this wonder of mother nature. Experience the magic with your naked eye for a few minutes, as the colorful lights dance and whip around before you. This will [...]

Landscape Photography Manifesto

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Mark Jansen working with a client Beyond everything else, and I think you’ll agree, the greatest thing about landscape photography is that it is a passport to adventure. The camera has always been an excuse to explore nature’s wide open spaces and capture its beauty. The prize is to bring it home and perhaps print it and hang it above your fireplace mantle. Much like hunting and fishing throughout history, with photography (unlike in these pursuits), you will always come back with something hopefully nice. That is, once you’ve learned how to recognize what you’re seeing, conceive it, and capture a compelling image with a strong story. If you’re new to landscape photography, [...]

The Benefits of Private Photography Workshops

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Have you considered a private photography workshop? Are you considering a private photography workshop? Here are some reasons to consider this option with Jansen Photo Expeditions. Private photography workshops give you flexibility and the ability to shoot where you want when you want. We are also able to offer these workshops mid-week when there are no crowds. This is especially nice in places like Yosemite, Big Sur, Iceland and the Eastern Sierra. Go to this link for more information. Join us for your next private photography workshop with Reasons to Take a Private Photography Workshop with Jansen Photo Expeditions from Jansen Photo Expeditions on Vimeo.   Other Articles about Private Photography [...]

Why You Need to Use Lightroom Mobile

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With the new changes that have recently come out with the Adobe subscription plan, there are even more reasons to take a good look at your Lightroom plan and be familiar with all the features it offers. With your subscription to the Adobe Photographer’s plan, you receive free use of Lightroom Mobile. Lightroom mobile not only lets you carry your favorite images with you from your desktop version but also lets you create and edit RAW images with your cell phone. […]

How to Protect Your Camera in Wet Conditions and Keep Shooting!

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Since winter is at our door, I’m sure you have been gearing up for the season and perhaps you’re even thinking about joining us for our upcoming Iceland photography workshop. I thought I would address how mist from all those amazing Icelandic waterfalls can cause frustration. During Iceland’s winter, seldom do these magnificent giant waterfalls freeze completely, so you’ll need to prepare to protect your camera in wet conditions. This blog is geared to the landscape photographer who shoots year-round and wants to learn to deal with wet conditions anywhere they go. Learn From Mark Jansen in This Video I know many of you have been out in the [...]

Private Photography Workshop in Yosemite

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Yosemite National Park is one our favorite places to hold our photography workshops and we offer both group and private workshops there. One of our most popular offerings is our private photography workshops in Yosemite. Here are some of the reasons why: Yosemite is well loved by people from all over the world, and that's not always a good thing. We take you to places in the park that the majority of the visitors don't know about. These locations are not on the tourist bus routes and generally not an easy walk from a parking lot. But at the same time, there are some wonderful locations right in the heart of the valley, that many people don't know about. [...]

How to Take Advantage of the Sweet Light in Landscape Photography

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Anyone that lives in California knows that November is the prime month for great sunsets on the Central Coast. The sun is in just the right place in these rugged locations. It reflects on the beaches, as it dances off the Pacific in the late afternoon glow and fades to dark. In much the same way, Iceland offers the best opportunities for some of the rarest light on the planet.  This includes not only the Northern Lights of the Aurora but expansive waterfalls, geothermal formations, unusual morning light and much more! In today’s blog, we wanted to feature 2 of our most exciting workshops when it comes to great light opportunities. The California Central Coast and Iceland. [...]

Tripods, Landscape Photography and the Reason why?

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Are you wondering what type of camera tripod to purchase?  It can be a confusing task. Many newcomers are often lost on the subject of tripods altogether. In this blog and accompanying video, I will try to de-mystify tripods, landscape photography and the reason why? You know you need one, but don’t know exactly what kind or why. Some fail to realize that with landscapes and commercial applications, the tripod is the single most important piece of equipment you will need next to add to your camera arsenal for sharp well-composed photographs. Here are two of the seldom-realized reasons why you need a tripod for landscape photography. The first is, [...]

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Why you need an “L” Bracket for your Landscape Photography

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"L" brackets for your camera are the cool cousin to the "always loosening up on you" single bottom plates.      View Mark's L Bracket Video The simple "L" bracket is for your camera's body and you need one if you're a landscape photographer. L brackets are very useful tools for your digital photography and they mount easily to your camera and give you the flexibility to shoot either in portrait or landscape mount while maintaining your composition. It will keep your composition plane of view level for a book cover or calendar. I will explain what it does and more. After seeing my video above, you won't want to take another landscape photograph without one! If not, I would suggest [...]

How to Clean Your Camera Sensor Simplified!

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On almost every digital photography workshop we have held, one problem our clients seem to stress about is sensor dust cleaning. Many take their cameras to the local camera store if they can find one these days, to have this service done. Or, they end up sending directly to the manufacturer to have the camera sensor cleaning done for an exorbitant price. Learn camera sensor cleaning from Mark Jansen […]

A Fresh look at a Salty World During Our Photography Workshop in the Eastern Sierra

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Moving through the dusty, gravel-strewn road, we soon arrived at our destination, the saline aquifer, Mono Lake. It’s one of our favorite stops on our photography workshop in the Eastern Sierra. After years of photographing its otherworldly calcified towers, I was looking for something new and unique that would give a fresh perspective to the place. I’ve been looking for something new to shoot other than its expanse of tufa towers, grasses, and bird life. Mono Lake Spider I think I’ve photographed this lake from every conceivable angle you could imagine after numerous photography workshops in the Eastern Sierra. If you’re a neophyte to this place, it can be quite stunning, [...]

Wildlife Photography Lenses and Cameras for Traveling Photographers: What Works Best?

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  What are the best wildlife photography lenses and cameras that will work for you? We all like to travel, explore and record our world through the lens, but SmartPhones leave many wanting more when it comes to wildlife photography. It’s difficult to get in close and capture anything of quality you’ll want to keep or print. When it comes to this type of photography, a Digital DSLR or Mirrorless camera is best. […]

Photographing with Lazy Eyes Reveals Nothing New!

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Yosemite Valley © Don’t be lazy when you have a chance to be in nature to create a photograph. Some new to landscape photography seldom venture much further than their cars to take a shot. Landscape photography is all about interacting with nature. If you’re not comfortable opening your eyes before dawn or hiking to explore new possibilities, the odds of you capturing that epic photograph is not in your future. Stepping out of your comfort zone is what it’s all about in this game. This will take you much further than that new piece of gear or software plug-in. Certainly, gear is important and is as simple [...]

Why the Craft of Photography is Learned and Not Purchased

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With all the new and improved digital and mirrorless camera gear available these days everybody’s out there shooting. That’s mostly what we see in the field, a lot of shooting going on. High capacity memory cards and high-end cameras have pushed information gathering to new limits. But, we are here to tell you, photography is learned and not purchased. Tunnel View: Yosemite Valley […]

5 Things You Need To Know About Dynamic Photography Landscapes Today

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Being primarily a landscape photographer, I am always trying to push my images to the next level of attention to create dynamic photography landscapes. Like most, I have this thought in the back of my mind anytime I head out for a shoot, hoping for some magic. Here’s my photographic process. We all spend some time flipping through photography magazines, or scanning through social media photographs until one stops us in our tracks. After a while, you’ll notice that a few of these images have common compositions that tend to pull your eye in and hold it for a moment. You’ll also notice certain patterns and visual references begin to appear. [...]

The Eastern Sierra Ultimate Photo Expedition

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It’s five a.m. and all I can see in the pre-dawn is the light from my headlamp as I head across the desert. My husband and business partner is waiting for me at one of the famous sandstone arches in the Alabama Hills. This arch is hidden from view and not easily found without a guide. It is the first morning of our Eastern Sierra photo workshop. Behind me, four hopeful photographers follow in the 4 am darkness. It’s my job to guide them through the sage-and-stone-scattered tundra, through and around large boulders, across a stream bed and up a small hill to the arch. […]

7 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Astrophotography

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We are really excited about heading out on this season’s first astrophotography event in the Alabama Hills in the Eastern Sierra. Timing, location, and clear skies are what it’s all about when you plan one of these events. Don’t forget a bit of luck as well. Night sky photography is everywhere. Being in the landscape photography field for over 20 years I’ve seen many changes. Long gone are the days of using film and being happy about capturing long exposure star trails alone. These days, with the advent of high ISO digital cameras, we have the pleasure of spectacular photographs of the Milky Way and many more terrestrial bodies. From highly mysterious light painted [...]

5 Secrets to Creating Successful Landscape Photography

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Preparation, observation, persistence and patience and getting beyond the program modes are the key factors for getting your landscape photography on track! These are the 5 secrets for successful landscape photography. Getting great photos these days seems as simple as the point and click of your smartphone, but not if you want to create successful landscape photography. From the latest Digital SLR’s and Mirrorless cameras, everyone is shooting and posting photographs everywhere. Photography is no longer left to the professionals. Great looking imagery is just a pre-programmed green button away, or so it would seem. So many people turn to photography for one plain fact. The digital process has made it a very enjoyable [...]

Yosemite Photography: Expect an Adventure

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Yosemite Photography is in my blood.  I’ve been there too many times to count, but my favorite time is winter. Yosemite in winter is the best time of year because it’s quiet. The crowds of summer are gone and just the hardy, adventurous types are there to experience nature at its finest.  On one particular trip,  just two days before Christmas, December 1964 — it was raining like crazy. We were spending the holidays in the Yosemite Valley, just like we did every year. The rain was coming down in buckets. We slept peacefully in our cozy housekeeping cabin at the Yosemite Lodge unaware that the Merced River was starting to [...]

How Come My Photos are Never Sharp?

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The most common question asked by many people is “How come my photos are never sharp?” Their big concern is that the lens or lenses they already own are not good enough and they need to upgrade. Photography has always been a lens specific pursuit. So much of what we do as photographers are wrapped up in gear. Not surprising, once you enter the sales funnel of the photographic arts, you’ll most likely consume more gear than you ever imagined. When it comes to camera lenses we all have our favorites, getting the most out of them is another story… […]

Complete the Creative Circle with your Photography

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Last weekend I attended a local art show here in beautiful Camarillo, California. Having spent quite a few years working the Fine Art circuit from Malibu to Santa Barbara, (now guiding workshops and teaching photography with Jansen Photo Expeditions), I have a lot of respect for artists who put their art out there in hopes of a sale or two over a weekend. For them, there is a complete creative circle with their photography or other art forms they pursue. Classic Aviation Photo Murals Located at the Waypoint Cafe, Camarillo California. This art event was a bit different from your regular art fair. This show was paired on [...]

The Lost Landscape Photographer

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Now that summer has officially kicked in, you are most likely considering quite a few locations for capturing some great imagery. One can certainly cruise the web, or flip through that stack of landscape magazines you’ve been collecting all year to pick a location and find some of those pretty places splashed on their pages. Or perhaps, you’ve opted into quite a few online newsletters, similar to what you’ve seen here and never signed up for a workshop to learn what it’s all about. Maybe you’re hoping to gather some hidden information by cruising the net. […]

The Process and the fundamentals of Landscape Photography

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Photography has been going through a rapid transformation. With the internet, it’s no longer resigned to the skilled professional. Democracy rules this craft more than ever. This statement has been bounced around for years. While true in some respects, in regards to post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop, it leaves unfilled potholes for many. These potholes are most apparent in the field for landscape photographers. This is where 1 on 1 interaction with an instructor in the field is so important, privately, or in a small group environment. First off, the landscape photography process is a physical activity, paired with the awareness of environmental changes. Mental acuity is required along with [...]

Why is Photo Editing Essential?

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Are you spending a lot of time learning how to use your digital camera and getting the results you hoped for? Learning effective photo editing is easily the other half of creating amazing images with your digital camera. I have been using Adobe Photoshop for many years, but have recently converted to doing the bulk of my editing in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Lightroom is a powerful program that offers you easy adjustments to push your editing and your photography from good to great. Advanced digital cameras have come a long way to getting you properly exposed images, but if you don’t know some simple editing techniques, you will be not be getting [...]

Landscape Photography (Learning The Basics and More )

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I’ve been in the business of teaching landscape and street photography for the last 15 years.  In the early days, the lion’s share of our business was fine art and commercial photography. But after countless requests, I’ve created a foolproof and simple to understand the curriculum. I started offering one on one mentoring to quite a few individuals. I was soon leading private landscape photography workshops and small group landscape photography workshops with my wife Holly. When I’m not leading small group photography Workshops in Yosemite or leading a private photography workshop in Big Sur, or an Iceland small group photography workshop. I teach one on one basic photography workshops in Ventura [...]

What to Expect from a Private Photography Workshop

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Have you considered taking a private photography workshop? Have you ever been in a photography workshop where you are 1 in 30 people? Were you able to get near the pro running the workshop? Were you able to ask questions and get the information you were hoping you would get out of the workshop? If not… A private photography workshop is an answer for you. […]

What to Expect on Our Costa Rica Photography Expedition

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Costa Rica Photography Expedition Coming December 2018 You love to travel and you’re excited about your new camera and you want to learn to create some amazing landscape images. What a perfect opportunity to join our  Costa Rica Photography Expedition! We will be highlighting the wildlife, landscapes, and the unique colors and contrasts of Costa Rica. Jansen Photo Expeditions has teamed up Costa Rica Vacationing to create a unique and interesting photo workshop in beautiful Costa Rica, December 5 – 12, 2018.  […]

Iceland Creative Photography workshop – Opening your Eyes to Adventure

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As we were standing on Diamond Beach in South Coast Iceland, we were surrounded by surreal looking blocks of ice the size of small cars that had calved off the nearby glacier. Our Iceland photography workshop group was giddy with the experience of the wind, the waves and the ice crashing up on the beach. It wasn’t just about photos though. The looks on their faces said it all.We let them have some time to experience the “wow” and started helping them set up to take photographs that would immortalize this trip for their lifetimes. […]

Yosemite Valley and Iceland: Lands of Great Light!

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Yosemite Falls © I really had time to think after returning from Yosemite Valley recently. I was struck by the similarities and quality in light of Yosemite Valley and Iceland. They both have great photographic light. We frequently hold photography workshops in both locations for one specific reason, the opportunities for great backdrops, paired with unsurpassed light. […]

Wildflower Photography in Big Sur

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After arriving in Big Sur at 10 pm, it was a bit of a challenge getting a place to park our camper for four days. You see most of Big Sur is only available to campers and is very popular especially in the early spring. We decided to just take our chances and arrive without a reservation, and we lucked out by finding a place to call home midway about the coast. We were going to one of our favorite places for a weekend of R and R to enjoy the spring and to look for some secret places to share with our photographic workshop clients at Jansen Photo Expeditions. My [...]

Landscape photography doesn’t stop just because things get wet and the temperatures drop. Be prepared!

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I’ve been gearing up and preparing for our upcoming winter and Yosemite Valley and Iceland winter landscape photography expeditions. The following tips will help you avoid some unpleasant surprises next time you venture into the cold and wet. If you’d like to learn more about preparing for our Iceland workshop, check out this blog. Camera Body: It’s always good to pack a few plastic sandwich bags of various sizes in your kit. If you can also find a few of those clear disposable shower caps you find in hotel rooms, they work great also. You can use them for covering your camera’s body as sits on your tripod in the wet, as [...]

The Key to Successful Winter Photography in Iceland

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There are so many reasons to photograph Iceland in Winter. The stark contrast between the volcanic black sand and the snow, the ice caves, the glaciers, and the aurora borealis to name just a few. You can only see these scenes in Iceland in winter. But the key to successful winter photography in Iceland starts with the basics. There are incredible views at every turn. Otherworldly landscapes only  seen in Iceland, and every time we go, it’s a little bit different. Iceland is spectacularly beautiful any time of year, but I find it especially compelling in the snow. […]

Big Sur: The Lost Modern Frontier

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This amazing stretch of land along California’s central coast has been strangely hidden from view from so many driving up and down it for years. Except for of its widely published Bixby bridge and a few known public beaches, the real Big Sur is largely hidden from view. Big Sur and California’s Highway 1 have been a haunt for beat poets of the 50’s, followed by the hippies of the 60s and 70s. It’s now a known destination for the international tourist to explore by bicycle, car, or rented camper. And don’t forget your standard domestic traveler looking for a weekend stay at many of its numerous “New Age” resorts. […]

Big Sur Hippies and Hipsters, Cali’s Chill’n Coast!

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. If you’re a native Californian, it’s rare that this fabled coastline has never crossed your mind at one time or another. As a young kid, born in Southern California, I always dreaded car sickness each time we traveled Highway 1, heading North to Big Sur on family vacations. We were always bouncing around while looking out our overhead camper’s window, its winding path triggering my propensity to this affliction. We haunted this scenic Highway, stretching back to the early 1970s, from Morro Bay to Monterey and exploring every little nook and cranny in between. […]

Iceland Elves and Fairies, Really?

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Frankly, when I first became aware of Iceland’s startling imagery back in 2005, I said to myself, this will be one of those places that would eventually find itself as one of our top expedition locations with Jansen Photo Expeditions. Hopefully our clients would see this as well and we would return each season and make this dream an annual reality. Little did we know that the Iceland elves and fairies would play a part in our tours there. […]

300 California Landscape Photographs Installed!

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Lobby in Sysco Foods This is a story of the photographic arts and where it could lead to anyone who follows their bliss as a landscape photographer. I used to say, all the photographs I would ever take are already created in me, they are just waiting to be expressed. Each image has a clear purpose, as yet to be revealed. This story started out as a personal photography project and grew into a large corporate installation. As my wife and fellow visionary photographer, Holly, were walking back to our Jeep in the parking lot of one of the largest corporate facilities located here in Ventura County. I looked at my [...]

The Personal Photography Project

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Hero: Waypoint Cafe, Camarillo, CA I’m sure many people have heard this phrase before, especially when it comes to photography: “The Personal Photography Project”. When you’ve been in the photographic field for a number of years, you sometimes find yourself repeating similar creative patterns with success. While this is good, it sometimes walls you in. You can become complacent and cease to explore new ideas. Pursuing a personal photography project sometimes helps you chip away at those walls and opens new doors to something new and unexpected. This may also solidify a particular new stylistic direction you didn’t expect to travel. I went through this myself a few years back. [...]

The Sweet Light Of Yosemite Valley

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Light in the late afternoon and morning often provides the sweetest glow in Yosemite, as it bounces off the towering granite spires at every turn. My wife and I have been traveling to Yosemite all of our lives from Southern California. It has become an essential pilgrimage for us, but only going during the “off” seasons. Being a native Californian, I’m always amazed how many natives have never taken the time to explore and photograph its breathtaking cliffs and majestic waterfalls. […]

Is Your Photography Any Good?

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How do you know if you're making good photographs? How is it possible to gauge your progress as a photographer without unbiased criticism from family and friends? I'm sure everyone's heard: " I love your pictures, you're such a good photographer." Additionally, social networks don't go much further than giving a thumbs up. Honestly, when was the last time you read anything really bad about a photograph posted on social media? In our millennium generation, image-conscious positive reinforcement world, nobody wants to be a source of negative feedback. So how does the developing photographer know they're actually producing quality work? In the early days, before our connected social media world, the art gallery and fine art [...]

How to Photograph Iceland’s Diamond Beach

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Iceland is an amazing photographic country. Every time I return to teach a workshop there, I’m always astounded by the changes I see. I’ve been fortunate to photograph many of its larger than life waterfalls, Aurora Borealis and inland glaciers. It’s truly a dynamic and changing location to photograph. […]

What is the Intention for this Photograph?

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  We arrived at our morning shooting location in Big Sur just as the first color of the morning light was disappearing. As the red light began to fade, the clouds in the distance started to have more definition and the contrast of the sun began to highlight the rock that the lighthouse was perched on. What did I see here and how can I be more intentional about my photography? […]

Help Finding your Photographic Vision

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Finding your photographic vision is a great challenge for many photographers. Many people spend years honing their craft to understand the mechanics of aperture, exposure, and ISO, in addition to understanding their chosen camera’s form and function before heading out on a photo expedition. But many find difficulty constructing solid, engaging imagery once they arrive at a destination beyond the obvious. We live in a world of simple to capture, perfect digital exposures. They have amazing color and sharpness, paired with ever-expanding choices of post-capture image manipulation as well. […]

Photo Editing – Why You Need to Learn It to Produce Compelling Images

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Why is it Necessary to Learn Photo Editing? Are you spending a lot of time learning your camera and getting up early to shoot at just the right location, in just the right light? Are you getting the results you hoped you would?  ___________ […]

Photography Workshops – What to Expect When Booking

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Are you looking to book a photography workshop or photography expedition?   You love to travel and you’re excited about your new camera and you want to learn to create some amazing landscape images. What a perfect opportunity to try out a photography workshop! I teach photo workshops with, and in this article, I will give you an idea what to look for when you are considering taking a photography workshop. What to Expect Photography workshops take you to the best places to shoot, and most importantly, an experienced guide will get you to the right place, at the right time, in the right light. In the best photography expedition, you will have [...]

Mark’s Quick Tips: Find Meaning in Photography

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When I approach an iconic landscape photographic location on our photography expeditions these days, I often see other photographers jockeying for position. Some have traveled great distances and most certainly planned for a particular composition. They might have seen it published, and have hopes of repeating it and putting their own twist on it but it is hard to find meaning in photography that way.  Replicating iconic photographs has always been a great way to learn. There comes a time, when one wants to move beyond copying another artist and express their own photographic vision and find their own formula. Most certainly, the original photographers of these iconic spots had some pre-visualization [...]

My Revisit to Film SLR Cameras and Black and White Photography In Yosemite Valley

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Captured on Ilford XP2 Super 400 The early dawn of digital photography promised endless quantities of free high resolution, simple to create images. That high tide has certainly been achieved, with the world’s photographic beaches now covered with unimaginable amounts of digitally created images. From iPhone, DSLR and high-end medium format, digital satisfaction is at an all-time high. People seldom mention film these days during our photography classes. […]

Why is Photo Editing Essential in Digital Photography?

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Why is Photo Editing essential? Are you spending a lot of time learning your camera and getting up early to shoot at just the right location, in just the right light? Are you getting the results you hoped you would? Are you effectively learning photo editing to get the best out of your images? […]

Endless Possibilities with iPhone Photography!

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Do you want to learn to shoot great pictures with your iPhone camera? Do you want to learn to create spectacular images quickly and easily? With some basic photography skills and the help of some really fun apps, I’m here to tell you that the iPhone photography is here to stay!  I’m a professional photographer, teach on location workshops in beautiful places and online. Jansen Photo Expeditions teaches iPhone classes in person in Ventura County, CA. Here is a sneak preview of some of the things you will learn. […]

Creating Depth in Landscape Photography

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Do you know what it means to create depth in your landscape photography? Do your images carry the viewer into the scene and move you from one corner of the image to the other? Are there compelling foregrounds to activate interest?  What about the midpoints and distant views of your scene?  How do the light and shadows play into your composition?  These are all things you need to keep in mind when composing your landscape images. You need to have a clear subject and an intention for your image. […]

Astrophotography: It’s More Than the Milky Way!

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Astrophotography is emerging as a new experience for many photographers. The Milky Way is now open territory for all. Imagery with good stories is now being produced using it, pushing night photography to new heights! Camera sensors have become so sensitive to light, and there are great strides in noise reduction software that help create interesting and compelling images with your digital SLR. As amazing as this is, as, with any successful daylight landscape photograph, strong foregrounds and compositions are as critical as ever! The novelty and mystery of the Milky Way images alone are a common place online, just as much as static shots of our closest star, the sun, have been for years. [...]

Separation and Gesture

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Culling through an amazing amount of imagery after a long day of shooting can be a daunting task. Whether on a long weekend or on an extended trip, we all go through this in one form or another. You may have one image that you remember on a shoot, that was particularly eventful that sticks in your mind. You quickly go to that one shot as soon as you upload your images. You look at it and you’re not quite sure why it sings louder than the rest. […]

Iceland’s Warming Visual Ecstasy Will End Someday.

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For the last 20 years, our planet’s environment has been going through some amazing and highly noticeable changes. Some will argue about the semantics of global warming. But inserting one’s self into the midst of it will truly make you reflect. What does this mean? After a few trips to Iceland in the last couple years as a landscape photographer, I’ve reflected quite a bit about the future of Iceland’s Diamond Beach. Being a creative, the camera is my brush and canvas, and it’s my most successful tool of expression. I’ve been able to capture the results of our warming planet in intriguing ways. Many of the images seen of ice melting globally, from the Jakobshavn Glacier [...]

The Human Flow of Life and Street Photography

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When using a DSLR on the streets and your subjects are human (not architecture), leave those multi-focus long telephoto lenses at home. Prime, single focus lenses 35 to 50 mm, 1.2, 1.4 or 1.8's rule on the streets! They're small and unobtrusive and focus fast when you don't want to make a fuss in some tight urban situations. Remember, fast aperture lenses provide great background blur and isolation, making your subjects pop when those amazing street moments with mankind happen! Get your camera ready for the action before it happens. I always like to take a few quick test shots at a random object to get my exposure and focus right, a light post or street sign will do at about the same [...]

Iceland: Land of Contrasts for the Landscape Photographer

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Every time we go to Iceland it’s different. The weather is very changeable in the late winter, and you can experience the whole range of the Icelandic climate. That’s what makes our travel and photography workshops interesting and unique. One of my favorite places on our Iceland workshop is the area outside of Vik where we are overlooking an amazing scene of sea stacks and shoreline. I have been there twice now in completely different conditions. One time it was snowy and grey creating a unique black and white image, even though it was shot in color. The second time, it was sunny with interesting afternoon light and beautiful cloud [...]

Mark’s Photography Quick Tips: Landscapes

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Great landscape photos are captured when the light is optimum. This could be early morning or just as the sun sets and a bit after. Captures are also great on the edge of storms or immersed in them. Dramatic skies rule and will provide great outcomes for the most part. Don't fear stormy condition. Venture into them and explore. Mark,

Mark’s Photography Quick Tips: Pre-visualize Your Image

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Pre-Visualize your photo. Build an image in your mind, much like a fine art painter would do before putting paint on canvas. Then, think about the time of day, light, and composition for your image. Attempt to match it as closely as possible to what you see in your mind's eye before your photograph. Work your canvas before committing to your final capture.

Beyond the Golden Circle…an Iceland Photo Expedition

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Iceland is an impressive and beyond beautiful country. It’s nestled far out in the North Atlantic, 700 miles east of Greenland. It’s located directly where the North American and European tectonic plates collide, boasting one of the most active volcanic regions anywhere. Paired with the nutrient-rich Gulf Stream, as it skirts its dramatic shorelines. This also provides a haven for sea life for Iceland’s traditional commercial fishing industry, and now ecotourism. Its rare combination of elements makes it an amazing geological and natural paradise. It’s a place every serious landscape photographer should put on his or hers to go list at least once in their lifetime. Iceland’s remote backcountry is at the heart of a [...]

Street Photography in Chinatown: My thoughts and what to expect!

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San Francisco's Chinatown is an amazing place to explore and photograph. Chinatown is nestled on Grant Street and Stockton Street in San Francisco. As as you explore the streets of San Francisco and approach this area, you're instantly transported into another time and space. Chinatown is just another reason I enjoy walking through and photographing San Francisco. It has a variety of culture and architecture simply accessed. From the echoes of the 60s in the Haight -Ashbury district to one of my favorites, Chinatown. You'll find many trades being practiced throughout Chinatown's narrow and intimate streets and alleys. It's fairly reminiscent of the way many turn of the century American cities operated. From its colorful open farmer's markets dotted [...]

Mark’s Quick Tip: Anxiety of Photographing People on the Streets.

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When hitting the city streets for the first time, many newcomers to street photography feel a certain anxiety about photographing people on the streets.  There’s something they should know up front, that might help a bit. Anyone visible in a public space in the United States can be photographed with no consequence to the photographer. […]

Visual Story Telling, It Takes More Than Just One Shot!

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The next time you’re planning to go on a shooting trip or you’re heading out on a photography workshop with one great shot in mind, you might also attempt to create a visual story through a series of strong images. Think about a themed project you would like to develop. […]

Iceland Photography Tour: It’s more than the Golden Circle and Elves…

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            Diamond Beach: 2016 Icelandic Tour Details Contrary to popular belief, Iceland is a very developed country at its core. Small and compact, with only 300,000 people. 200,000 of them living in the main capital of Reykjavik. This leaves the remaining population, 100,000 spread throughout it’s remote and sparsely populated countryside. When planning an Iceland Photography Tour, many photographers, have a chance of falling into a certain kind of tourist loop that is not optimal for the serious landscape photographer. That would be the “Golden Circle Blue Lagoon Tourist Route”: the most advertised tour promoted by travel agencies and large discount photo tour operators. […]

Mark’s Quick Tips: Pictures with Purpose

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With so many images being produced these days, it becomes more important than ever to lock in an eye-catching story. Storytelling and purpose is the cornerstone of photography once you've mastered the fundamentals. Telling a good story is a task that many fall short on in photography. Some have an innate natural ability to do this, while others struggle. No worries, it can be mastered by a few conscious steps. In landscape photography, inserting yourself within the proper elements must be calculated, using structure and atmosphere and timing. For example, colorful sunsets alone will only get you so far in this era of non-stop images being produced. Building a great story around your sunset is [...]

Mark’s Quick Tips: Luck favors the prepared Landscape Photographer

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Do you ever wonder how those amazing landscape shots are pulled off? Most likely, they're not created by the lucky opportunist, pulling off the highway during a mid-day road trip. They come about by someone who does careful research and planning. Conversely, if it's a quickly developing opportunity, they know what to do right away with focused attention. These photographers have the experience and gear selected for his or her creative pre-vision and can tap into it quickly. They know what lens to use and what aperture. They have a solid tripod adjusted and ready. They can quickly gather all the elements before them that are needed to create an amazing landscape shot. Proper equipment [...]

Mark’s Quick Tips: Mirrorless Versus DSLR Cameras

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Mirrorless Versus DSLR Cameras? This is a heated subject for many beginners just getting into photography. With so many options flooding the market these days, it’s a wonder anyone can make a choice. I myself see advantages to both types, and for the most part stay with what I’m most comfortable using. I’ve done some research here and have broken things down a bit. That said, technology is changing daily, but for the most part what I’ve found here is pretty much true. I hope this helps you when you make that big jump into photography or you’ve been rooted in one or the other format and have been thinking about [...]

Mark’s Quick Tips: Mastering the Basics of Photography

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Whether you’re shooting a DSLR, mirrorless, or even film, all cameras do the same thing once you dig through the array of options packed within. They capture light onto a light-sensitive emulsion or sensor. Each camera comes with a complete array of adjustments to sculpture light as it passes through the lens. Understanding these basic adjustments takes some time, but once mastered will provide the photographer with an unending pallet of creativity and control. […]

Mark’s Quick Tips: The Woes of the Beginner Photographer and Editing Images

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We live in a world of amazing technology, everything is at your fingertips. iPhones are so simple to use and take great shots right of the box. Many are seduced by the quality of smartphone images, and capturing interesting images with them in classic photographic destinations. They are encouraged by family members that they have an ability not yet tapped and that they should move on to bigger fish, that being the digital SLR, or mirrorless camera. In the beginning, the big purchase camera has the security of those green program auto DSLR settings and in-camera Jpeg camera processing of images. That will only suit them for a while as [...]

Mark’s Quick Tips: Camera Lenses for the Task at Hand

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The management and transport of camera lenses in the field can be a challenge. I like to suggest looking into your camera bag and find out what lens you actually use the most before heading out the door on any shooting assignment or even one of our workshops. You’ll soon realize that you seldom use all of your lenses. Newcomers seem to select an expensive lens for everything, from telephoto to macro, for fear that they will miss that important shot because they don’t have a particular lens. […]

Mark’s Quick Tips: There’s more to making a photo than pushing a button in our iPhone world

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We live in the days of constantly evolving technology. New techniques of photo enrichment, manipulation, and photographic stylings are flowing like water with every software developer screaming for our attention. When something new hits the net or social media social outlets, it’s immediately consumed copied and reproduced with slight variations by many! The new and the different stand apart for a time., but the magic soon fades. Remember overdone HDR? […]

Give That Old Camera Some New Glass!

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We encounter many photographers new to the craft on our workshops. Many of these new clients that are caught up in the technology. With so many options to capture a picture these days, it’s a wonder anyone can choose the road that’s good for them. It’s so important for newcomers to focus on their photography, and not the brand of camera they’re using. There are some other factors to keep in mind as well, like lens selection. If you like  this blog, consider checking out our other articles on a similar topic: Will that new camera make you a better photographer? If you’d like [...]

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