Behind the Scenes – Yosemite Winter Photography Workshop 2017

What an incredible 4 days we spent in Yosemite National Park on a private workshop. As we drove into the park, it was snowing quite a bit, and the driving was definitely a little dicey. Little did we know that the entrance to the park was closed shortly after we entered and we virtually had this winter wonderland to ourselves with our client for the next 4 days.

Yosemite winter photography workshop

We were excited to see what was in store for the next few days. The forecast was for snow! It had been many years since we had seen snow in Y0semite Valley. The perfect scenario for a winter photography workshop!

On the first day of our private workshop, it was clear that the snow was spectacular, but we needed a little help to get to our first location in the snow.

Yosemite winter photography workshop vista Yosemite Photography Workshop


Yosemite winter photography workshop

And remember, shooting in Yosemite isn’t always about the iconic images. There is so much more there that is uniquely Yosemite to shoot. You just need to look for it.

We couldn’t get to our first location for shooting because there was too much snow. That didn’t stop us, we just happened to have  snow shoes to offer to our client and we were able to capture these amazing images.

Yosemite Valley winter Photography workshop

So many amazing opportunities. We had 4 days in the valley basically to ourselves! The roads were closed because of all the snow and no one could get into the park. So, those of us that got in basically had an amazing experience with no crowds, just Yosemite and nature to ourselves.

Yosemite Private Workshop

This is one of my favorite locations in Yosemite Valley. Every time we return, it’s a little different, the water is higher or lower, or the river has changed it’s course. Yosemite is amazing to watch the changes, even if you are there for a few days, it’s a constant movement of weather and water.

Yosemite winter photography workshop

Even the classic Tunnel View image has a special glow that you don’t normally see. Landscape photography is all about the weather, the light and the conditions at the time you are shooting. I’ve stood in this spot tens of times and every time there is some weather, it is always different, and magnificent.

Yosemite Private Photography Workshop


If you are interested in a private photography workshop like this one, here is some more information.

Join us on our next photography workshop to beautiful Yosemite, and expect the unexpected!