Mark Jansen
How Did You Get the Shot? Southwest Florida

Finding your own creative angle getting through creative blocks in landscape photography can be challenging.

Many, including myself find it hard to find  something uniquely different in any natural landscape. Especially, if it’s an overly traveled tourist ocation.

To deaI with these blocks, its good to resort to boiling things down to the simplest perspective first while looking through the lens.

But you first must choose your preferred field of view. This can very with everyone. This is a highly personal and creative choice.

If you’re reading this you you might already have yours.

Capturing the shot in Southwest Florida

Mine historically leads towards the grand landscape. This can very between 14 and 24mm full frame.

A good start to avoiding any creative blocks is to find as many angles as possible before mounting your camera on your tripod.

That said, I’m sure a lot of you out there feel tripods are a cumbersome item that your required to carry. If you’re one of these people, read my blog about tripods HERE.

What I’m saying is to approach any fresh scene at all possible angles. This means shooting at knee high, waist high and chest high. This along with classic horizontal and vertical angles as well.

Don’t fall into the “Stab and Snap” tripod trap. This means reflecting what everyone else is doing around you.
Doing stab shoots repeatedly will dull your portfolio in no time and begin to fill a boring well of disinterest in your photographs. If your knees aren’t hurting from being on them, you’re not doing it right!

All  the best,
Mark Jansen

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