Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Quick Start Online Class

Lightroom Quickstart Online Class

Learn the basics and essential tools for successful photo editing in
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom


Self Starting Class – We will send to you shortly after You Purchase.
Once we receive your payment, we will send out class materials for the first week.
Full Class materials for the two week class include:
2 – 15 page PDFs and 8 Tutorial Videos

Do you want to learn to create images that show the beauty of the scene you saw when you took the photograph? Do you want to learn the other essential side of digital photography, photo editing  and get up to speed quickly?

This course is designed to get you up and running FAST in this incredibly powerful program.


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In this two week information packed class on Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, you will learn how to import, organize and perform simple and effective editing processes that will let you produce beautiful adjustments to your pictures.

During this class, you’ll learn the tools to give your images the color, detail, and mood that will make them pop. You’ll learn quick and easy editing tools with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom that will bring out the details, color, and contrast you saw in the scene when you first envisioned your photo.

This intensive hands-on, two part online workshop will help you master Lightroom’s basics, and some of its most sophisticated features. This class will give you an overview and working knowledge of this powerful, yet easy to use software in easy-to-understand lessons.

Why is Photo Editing Essential?

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This class will cover the first two essential organization and editing modules in Lightroom, the Library and Develop modules.

Topics covered will include in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Online Class:

Importing and exporting images
Image organization Catalogs and Collections  
Navigating through the 2 modules and menu items
Editing and key wording Working with Raw images
White balance  

Balancing contrast with Highlights and Shadows tools
Mastering curves
Dodging and burning with the Adjustment Brush
Sharpening and noise reduction
Converting to black and white HDR (Lightroom 6 only)
Panorama (Lightroom 6 only) 

This class will cover the first two essential organization and editing modules in Lightroom, the Library and Develop modules.

It does not cover the modules for mapping, print or book making.

Course Requirements:

• Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6 or CC
(earlier versions of Lightroom can be used, but some features are not available)

• Desire to learn and have fun!

Instructor: Holly Higbee-Jansen


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