Online Photo Classes

Eastern Sierra photographic WorkshopiPhone Photography and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Classes Taken Online and in the Comfort of Your Home

We can help you get the beautiful photographic results that you have always wanted.

As a photographic guide with Jansen Photo Expeditions, I always have a camera with me, ready to record those unexpected moments in time, what nature and the universe gives to us on a daily basis.

If you start to look at your world through the eyes of a photographer, you will be amazed at what you will see. I can help you learn to use your camera as a creative tool, that will help you see the magic moments of your life.

Each week, in our various online classes, you will have a creative assignment designed to help you think about your photography differently. You will be uploading your assignments to our private Facebook site (or send to us directly).

Our professional critique of your pictures will be included. You will experience a new and creative way to look at your photographic world. Most people don’t notice the beauty around them on a daily basis. Do you notice the flowers blooming, the sunset, or the mist in the fog?

Beginning Adobe Lightroom Quick Start

Learn the basics of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom in this information packed 2 week online class which includes the fundamentals of organizing, editing and enhancing images.

Beginning iPhone/Smartphone Photography

Learn the basics of iPhone Photography in this 4 week online class including the
fundamentals of apps, editing and enhancing images.
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