Camera Lenses for the Task at Hand


The management and transport of camera lenses in the field can be a challenge. I like to suggest looking into your camera bag
and finding out what lens you actually use the most before heading out the door on any shooting assignment or even one of our workshops.
You’ll soon realize that you seldom use all of your lenses. Newcomers seem to select an expensive lens for everything, from telephoto to macro, for fear that they will miss that important shot because they don’t have a particular lens.

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There’s more to making a photo than pushing a button in our iPhone world…


Fine art photography for your home or office Baggage Claim Area. Santa Maria Airport ©markJansen.

We live in the days of constantly evolving technology. New techniques of photo enrichment, manipulation and photographic stylings are flowing like water  with every software developer screaming for our attention.

When something new hits the net or social media social outlets,
it’s immediately consumed copied and reproduced with slight variations by many!

The new and the different stand apart for a time., but the magic soon fades. Remember overdone HDR?

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Tripods, Landscape Photography and the Reason why?

Tripod image4266smallAre you wondering what type of camera tripod to purchase?  It can be a confusing task.

Many newcomers are often lost on the subject of tripods altogether. In this blog, I will try to de-mystify tripods, landscape photography and the reason why?

They know they need one, but don’t know exactly what kind or why. Some fail to realize that with landscapes and commercial applications, the tripod is the single most important piece of equipment they will need next to add to their camera arsenal for sharp well-composed photographs.

Here are two of the seldom-realized reasons why you need a tripod for landscape photography. The first is, they help you slow down and give you a chance to really think.

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Your Photo’s Copyright… Do it or lose it!


©Mark Jansen

More than ever, there are thousands of digital photographers  who spend much time, money and immersive creative effort on their art.

They spend this time massaging their captured pixels to perfection.

Once completed, many are eager to show their works through social media and other sources. As far as the photo’s copyright, most fail to do this and can loose big time!

Photographers, in our recent accelerated times, are provided many means to display their work through free and paid hosting sites. Most prefer this method exclusively as opposed to the cost, time and effort needed to print, package and display their art in a public place.
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