What is the Intention for this Photograph?

Golden SunriseWe arrived at our morning shooting location in Big Sur just as the first color of the morning light was disappearing. As the red light began to fade, the clouds in the distance started to have more definition and the contrast of the sun began to highlight the rock that the lighthouse was perched on. What did I see here and how can I be more intentional with my photography?

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Help Finding your Photographic Vision


Learning 1 on 1 with a mentor

Finding your photographic vision is a great challenge for many photographers. Many people spend years honing their craft to understand the mechanics of aperture, exposure and ISO, in addition to understanding their chosen camera’s form and function before heading out on photo expedition. But many find difficulty constructing solid, engaging imagery once they arrive at a destination beyond the obvious.

We live in a world of simple to capture, perfect digital exposures. They have amazing color and sharpness, paired with ever expanding choices of post capture image manipulation as well.
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Photography Workshops – What to Expect When Booking

Are you looking to book a photography workshop or photography expedition?  


You love to travel and you’re excited about your new camera and you want to learn to create some amazing landscape images. What a perfect opportunity to try out a photography workshop! I teach photo workshops with, and in this article, I will give you an idea what to look for when you are considering taking a photography workshop.

What to Expect

Photography workshops take you to the best places to shoot, and most importantly, an experienced guide will get you to the right place, at the right time, in the right light. In the best photography expedition, you will have experienced professionals helping you with composition and camera settings.

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Find Meaning in Photography

Find meaning in Photography,

When I approach an iconic landscape photographic location on our photography expeditions these days, I often see other photographers jockeying for position. Some have traveled great distances and most certainly planned for a particular composition. They might have seen it published, and have hopes of repeating it and putting their own twist on it but it is hard to find meaning in photography that way. 

Replicating iconic photographs has always been  a great way to learn. There comes a time, when one wants to move beyond copying another artist and express their own photographic vision and find their own formula. Most certainly, the original photographers of these iconic spots had some pre-visualization going on, or a compositional formula that they would employ on arrival to a location. 

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My Revisit to Film SLR Cameras and Black and White Photography In Yosemite Valley


Captured on Ilford XP2 Super 400

The early dawn of digital photography promised endless quantities of free high resolution, simple to create images.

That high tide has certainly been achieved, with the world’s photographic beaches now covered with unimaginable amounts of digitally created images. From iPhone, DSLR and high end medium format, digital satisfaction is at an all time high. People seldom mention film these days during our photography classes.

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