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What to Expect on Our Costa Rica Photography Expedition

Costa Rica Photography Expedition Coming December, 2017


You love to travel and you’re excited about your new camera and you want to learn to create some amazing landscape images. What a perfect opportunity to join our  Costa Rica Photography Expedition!

We will be highlighting the wildlife, the landscapes, the beaches and the unique colors and contrasts of Costa Rica.

Costa Rica's expansive and open beaches.

Jansen Photo Expeditions has teamed up Costa Rica Vacationing to create a unique and interesting photo workshop in beautiful Costa Rica, December 5 – 12, 2017. 

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Iceland Creative Photography workshop – Opening your Eyes to Adventure

As we were standing on Diamond Beach in South Coast Iceland, we were surrounded by surreal looking blocks of ice the size of small cars that had calved off the nearby glacier. Our photo workshop group was giddy with the experience of the wind, the waves and the ice crashing up on the beach.

Amazing Ice formations in Iceland

The looks on their faces said it all.

We let them have some time to experience the “wow” and started helping them set up to take photographs that would immortalize this trip for their life times.

It wasn’t just about photos though.

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Wildflower Photography in Big Sur

Wildflower photography in Big Sur

After arriving in Big Sur at 10pm, it was a bit of a challenge getting a place to park our camper for four days. You see most of Big Sur is only available to campers and is very popular especially in the early spring. We decided to just take our chances and arrive without a reservation, and we lucked out by finding a place to call home mid way about the coast. We were going to one of our favorite places for a weekend of R and R to enjoy the spring and to look for some secret places to share with our photographic workshop clients at Jansen Photo Expeditions. My husband and I have been doing the photography expeditions business for about 10 years now, and although we travel quite a bit, we don’t get as much alone time as we would like. This trip we were interested in the wildflower photography in Big Sur.
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Landscape photography doesn’t stop just because things get wet and the temperatures drop. Be prepared!

I’ve been gearing up and preparing for our upcoming winter and Yosemite Valley and Iceland winter landscape photoraphy expeditions. The following tips will help you avoid some unpleasant surprises next time you venture into the cold and wet. If you’d like to learn more about preparing for our Iceland workshop, check out this blog.

Tips for photography in wet conditions
Camera Body:
 It’s always good to pack a few plastic sandwich bags of various sizes in your kit. If you can also find a few of those clear disposable shower caps you find in hotel rooms, they work great also. You can use them for covering your camera’s body as sits on your tripod in the wet, as you wait for that magic moment. I also like to pack a small multi folding pocket size umbrella. They really come in handy when the weather closes in are simple to store in your camera bags outside pocket.

Another thing that you can do, that provides a little insurance against camera damage is to place your camera in a larger trash bag before heading in from colder than average temps. This prevents condensation from forming on the body of your camera. The condensation will gather on the bag instead. Once the room temperature warms, you can remove your camera from the bag not risking damage to the delicate electronics in your camera’s body

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The Key to Successful Winter Photography in Iceland

There are so many reasons to photograph Iceland in Winter. The stark contrast between the volcanic black sand and the snow, the ice caves, the glaciers, and the aurora borealis to name just a few. You can only see these scenes in Iceland in winter. But the key to successful winter photography in Iceland starts with the basics.

Small photography groups exploring Iceland
There are incredible views at every turn. Other worldly landscapes only seen in Iceland, and every time we go, it’s a little bit different.

Iceland is spectacularly beautiful any time of year, but I find it especially compelling in the snow.

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