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Photographing with Lazy Eyes Reveals Nothing New!

Landscape Photography Yosemite

Yosemite Valley ©MarkJansenPhotography.com

Don’t be lazy when you have a chance to be in nature to create a photograph. Some new to landscape photography seldom venture much further than their cars to take a shot. Landscape photography is all about interacting with nature.

If you’re not comfortable opening your eyes before dawn or hiking to explore new possibilities, the odds of you capturing that epic photograph is not in your future.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is what it’s all about in this game. This will take you much further than that new piece of gear or software plug-in. Certainly gear is important and is as simple as a point and click away.

But it takes much more.

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Why the Craft of Photography is Learned and Not Purchased

With all the new and improved digital and mirrorless camera gear available these days everybody’s out there shooting. That’s mostly what we see in the field, a lot of shooting going on. High capacity memory cards and high end cameras have pushed information gathering to new limits.

But, we are hear to tell you, photography is learned and not purchased.


Yosemite Photography Expeditions in Yosemite Valley

Tunnel View: Yosemite Valley

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5 Things You Need To Know About Dynamic Photography Landscapes Today

Being primarily a landscape photographer, I am always trying to push my images to the next level of attention to create dynamic photography landscapes. Like most, I have this thought in the back of my mind anytime I head out for a shoot, hoping for some magic. Here’s my photographic process.

We all spend some time flipping through photography magazines, or scanning through social media photographs until one stops us in our tracks. After awhile, you’ll notice that a few of these images have common compositions that tend to pull your eye in and hold it for a moment. You’ll also notice certain patterns and visual references begin to appear. These images always seem to appear whimsical and dynamic. That’s just the beginning of creating a dynamic photography landscape.

"Ancient One" by Mark Jansen shows a great example of dynamic landscape photography

“Ancient One” – On our Eastern Sierra Photo Workshop © Mark Jansen

What makes a dynamic photograph?

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The Eastern Sierra Ultimate Photo Expedition

It’s five a.m. and all I can see in the pre-dawn is the light from my headlamp as I head across the desert. My husband and business partner is waiting for me at one of the famous sandstone arches in the Alabama Hills. This arch is hidden from view and not easily found without a guide. It is the first morning of our Eastern Sierra photo workshop.

Alabama Hills Photography Workshop

Behind me, four hopeful photographers follow in the 4am darkness. It’s my job to guide them through the sage-and-stone-scattered tundra, through and around large boulders, across a stream bed and up a small hill to the arch.

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7 Simple (But Important) Things To Remember About Astro Photography

We are really excited about heading out on this season’s first astro photography event in the Alabama Hills in the Eastern Sierra. Timing, location and clear skies are what it’s all about when you plan one of these events. Don’t forget a bit of luck as well.

Night sky photography is everywhere. Being in the landscape photography field for over 20 years I’ve seen many changes. Long gone are the days of using film and being happy about capturing long exposure star trails alone.

Astro Photography in the California desert



These days, with the advent of high ISO digital cameras, we have the pleasure of spectacular photographs of the Milky way and many more more terrestrial bodies.

From highly mysterious light painted backgrounds and perhaps meteor showers, night photography has taken on a life of its own and many photographers have become exclusive to this form of photography as well.

I see many leaving daylight photography altogether, seeking more elaborate compositions every day (or every night I should say).

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