Ventura Black and White Film Street Photography

img_9323masbwwebsiteThis workshop is for those wanting step back in time and learn the basics of film street photography.

The Black and White Film Street Photography Workshop is designed to provide you with a strong foundation in exposure concepts and encourage you to think before you shoot!

This class will eliminate the myths that shooting film is a blind pursuit for professionals only, or for people stuck in the past or looking for something trendy.
This workshop will give you skills to build upon and expand your creative and technical knowledge and have fun taking photographs the classic way.
You will be reading light and composing in the viewfinder and through Zone Focusing as well. The class will also increase your success rate once you return to your digital world. You’ll think more and “spray and pray” less.

Black and White Film Street Photography – Ventura
Saturday, May 13th, 2017
4pm – 7pm 



Also offered Privately at a time that works for!

(Class meets near Old Town Ventura. Exact location and supply information given upon sign up. Advance sign-up suggested to secure supplies)


Jansen Photo Expeditions Black and White Film Street Photography Workshop Santa BarbaraIn this class, you’ll learn to slow down more than ever and seek the “Decisive Moment” on the streets of  Ventura, California.

You will be provided with a list of easily obtainable Black and White film options once you are enrolled. At the conclusion of the your day of shooting, each student will receive a special develop by mail envelope, with film scanning and Silver Gelatin options.
By the end of this workshop, you will step away from your digital insecurities of reviewing your images and checking your histograms each time you take a shot. You will instead learn to shoot with confidence in varying lighting conditions from daylight to afternoon shadow. You’ll stare in amazement at your bold black and white photographs once you see them developed, with their high contrast and unique grain. 

In short, you’ll be making pictures the way it has been done for ages!

And most importantly, you’ll fall in love with the look and feel of film photographs. When youJansen Photo Expeditions Black and White Film Street Photography Workshop Santa Barbara go back to digital, if you do, you’ll  become a more secure visionary and intentioned photographer. You’ll spend more time thinking about your photography before you release your shutter and start creating photographic art, rather than just taking multiple digital pictures, hoping for the best.

Course Requirements

Participants must bring their own film camera (SLR or rangefinder with manual exposure capability). Film camera bodies may be rented for for the workshop. You’ll also need a 28, 35 or 50mm fixed focus lens. You will be provided a list of readily available Black and White films and be given a develop by mail envelope provided by one of the local film processing companies located in Southern California.


Fee for workshop is $150 per student.
Cost for suggested Black and White film: $8-10 per roll of 36 exposures
Develop and scanning: $11-$15 per roll.

We also offer a Digital Street Photography class in Ventura if you are interested.