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The Photography Expedition of
a Lifetime.

Join pro-photographers, Mark and Holly Jansen for a photo expedition adventure in amazing places, where you will learn the essential elements of photography, gear, and editing in small group workshops.




Image from our Yosemite Workshop

Jansen Photo Expeditions offers the individual attention and support to help you where you are on your photographic journey, beginning to advanced.  We specialize in small groups of 6-8 participants to give you the one on one attention you desire and the photographic knowledge that will improve your skills and help you produce beautiful dramatic results.
We hold private and group workshops in California, the American West, Iceland, and Cuba. We bring to you the best the location has to offer, getting you to the right place, at the right time, in the best light.

Jansen Photo Expeditions workshops are designed to challenge you to reach new heights with your photography and assist you every step of the way.

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Travel photography is tough.  You go to unfamiliar places and want to get the best pictures possible. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you can find someone who can recommend a spot.  Mark and Holly help take the guesswork out.  They have been to the places before – many times, and guide you where to go and at what time of day to take the best pictures possible.  Whether it’s the iconic half dome or El Capitan shot, or lesser known places like Diamond Beach in Iceland, they get you to the right place at the right time to have the best light so you can get the best image possible. Mark and Holly actively work with you during the workshop – as a group and one on one, showing you how they would take the shot and why.  You come away with great pictures and learn their approach in the process.

"Mark and Holly both make their Photo Expeditions fun and enlightening for all skill levels and ages. Their timely, helpful suggestions delivered in a nurturing fashion, inspire learning and respect for their knowledge, efforts and ultimately, your results. This dynamic husband and wife team make up the perfect dream team!"

I still have dreams about my wonderful experience with Jansen Photo Expeditions in Yosemite.
My short time in Yosemite with them was honestly the most relaxing and fulfilling vacation I’ve had in many, many years. I came back to LA with a much changed eye when it comes to designing shots and lighting. It’s the best money I’ve ever spent. Thank you so much.

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